Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sticky Humid Day. Oh, What a Tangled Web.....

It is AC time again, but it has to be turned down to a lower temperature, just to get the humidity out of the house.

Someone had left a door not quite clicked shut on the Puddle Jumper yesterday, so as it doesn't get driven far enough to really charge the battery, the 9 lights in there had deadened the battery. As tired as I was , I put the charger on it last night, so I had to undo that before I could get Jay, and Mikey, Sam's poodle down the street.

Jay helped me move my two desks, again, as I had to add one more little drawer unit in the corner to fill in a space. While we were at it, I disconnected the PC and the printer, so we could give that corner a good clean first.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we disconnect a PC"!

I couldn't believe how many extra wires I had attached to the PC over the years! Printer, router, phone line, cable modem, camera cord, AA camera battery charger, two speakers, etc. Not counting all the regular cords. Most of all, I couldn't believe that I know where they all go!!

Jay vacuumed and shampooed that corner while I started grooming Mikey. Ray installed the electrical part of the dishwasher permanently. Then he installed a new light that I picked up off Lowes bargain table, over the vice on the work bench.

Jay and I worked on the little drawer unit that I wanted to put in the corner of the desks, then I took him home, so that I could finally bathe and finish grooming Mikey.
Just as I got back from taking Mikey home, the skies opened up, and it just came down in a gully whomper.
Then I got a phone call that someone had left a mama dog tied to a tree, she was all tangled up, with no shelter for her or her pups, and she was howling in despair. This was at the same house where I had rescued Debo from the same fate, when it was freezing cold outside last winter. We had had some bad thunder and lightening, even the cable had been out for a while, and Humane Society and Animal Control's phones were out. I called the local police, and they said they would get in touch with Animal Control. Why do people, (if you can can call them that), have animals if they are going to treat them like that? I wish a judge would order them to be tied to a tree for weeks on end.

I hope the poor mama dog gets some help today.

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Mom of Bark+Bite said...

It breaks my heart to hear of an animal being mistreated in such an sad manner. I always wonder if owners mistreat the humans in their own family.Good job on calling someone. I agree with you about the tree for them.