Monday, October 5, 2009

Laptops! Overweight Pets.

Ray couldn't work today, his back is hurting him again. But we did our bookkeeping for the month of September, and got that out of the way.

After getting some aloe ready for shipping, I knew I had to go to our town to the Post Office, but decided to go to the next bigger town, also.

So I loaded up the new router, the new Vista Dell laptop, my old Windows XP Pro Compaq laptop, the parcels of aloe, and headed out. I just wasn't happy with my new Vista laptop. I hadn't even got my ISP in it, and I was already disliking it. Especially as I had bought one with a 6 hour battery in case the power went out, but it had no telephone hook-up. The store wanted $50 for an external phone thing for it. My router isn't going to work without power, so I need the 'phone hole'. So I returned the new Dell to the store.

I didn't know if my wireless problem was with the new router or the old laptop. I took it to a geek guy, he cleaned it, and repaired my wireless. He said it is a good, fast computer and I didn't need to buy a new one, especially not until Windows 7 comes out. So now it has three ways to get on line, wireless, cable and dial-up. It worked on wireless as soon as I got home, and it was great. I don't use it often, but when I do need it, it is ready. I ought to practice finding WiFi spots, so that I know what I am doing if I take it in the RV. Oh! No! One more thing for this old brain to learn!

Not only is it bad for people to be over weight, but for pets, too.
"If you think a few extra pounds won’t hurt your pet, imagine him or her carrying around a dumbbell. The extra weight adds stress to the joints. It makes the heart and lungs work harder. And that’s just the beginning of what being overweight can do to a dog or cat."

So please keep an eye on your pet's health, too.

It wasn't hot, but as soon as the van had been sitting in the sun, it was time to turn on the AC.
Then, after a while, that was too cold.
Just that kinda 'in-between' day.

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