Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adoption Day. "Pretty" Meets Her New Family.

It is so much cooler these days. So nice to have the windows open airing out the house. I spent most of the morning catching up with a few odd jobs. You know, laundry, bills, etc.

After loading the cats in their respective transportation carriers, with a great tussle I got the cages loaded and seat-belted in the van, to go to Adoption Day.

Neither my SPCA boss, Kenya, nor her second in command, Chris, were at Petco when I arrived. Another foster mom helped me unload the cages onto a shopping cart and we rolled them into Petco. I put my cats in their display cages, but I knew I could not just go off and leave them there alone, especially as the foster mom brought two more cats. Kenya called me, she was delayed, but on her way, and asked me if I would stay. Another foster mom, Barbie, arrived with about 6 or 8 cats and a couple of dogs. Kenya arrived with the rest of the dogs. One only 2 lb. full grown, and others up to maybe 70 lb! Chris wouldn't be there today, so I knew they would be shorthanded, even though Barbie was staying.

Kenya does the viewing and adoptions in the Training Room at Petco, and sometimes that takes quite a while. So someone has to be in the Adoption Room to answer questions from passers by about the animals. The dogs have to be walked outside every now and then, so it really takes three people. One dog, who looked like a big "Benji", was adopted, as their application had been approved last week. Lots of folks held the little skinny 2lb. MinPin, Prissy, she is a cuddle dog, but not ready to be adopted yet. There was a young little white dog with tan ears, and an adorable face, Mackie, that I had seen at Adoption Day last time. She is so quiet, sweet, and laid back that I was tempted. But she would outlive me, so it would not be fair.

Pretty's possible future family arrived to view her, so Kenya and I took her into the training room. Pretty just loved on them, and purred, and they loved her. I answered their questions about her, and left. Kenya left them to have some alone time with Pretty. When Kenya went back, they had decided to adopt her, but they are going on a trip next weekend, so they don't want to pick her up until the 26th.

I helped all I could with the people looking at the animals. We have loose leaf books, one for our cats and one for the dogs, a page devoted to each animal, so I had to refer to that sometimes to find out particulars about a certain animal. Several people took our card, so that they could look at our other animals, or fill out an application online, and one filled it out right there.

Kenya ordered take-out from the Chinese restaurant across the parking lot, so about 4.30 we ate at a table behind the cat cages. At 5.00 PM, it was time to start packing up. That takes a while. First, move the dogs into their cages in Kenya's big van or into their foster mom's vehicles, then those big display cages can be folded up. The cats are put in their carriers and loaded into the various foster mom's cars, and those display cages can be folded up. Then all the folded display cages have to be loaded into the back of Kenya's van. Chris usually does this, as she is used to handling heavy stuff, she cleans horses hooves for a living! But with her absent, it was up to Barbie. I helped by folding up cages as the dogs and cats vacated them. Kenya helped me get my three back in my van, and we came home. I didn't even try to carry the cats in their cages, into the dog room. I got each cat out of it's transportation cage, and carried them very securely, into the dog room. They were glad to be home.

So another busy, cool day.

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Mom of Bark + Bite said...

We took Big Boy Bite for his 1 year check up and booster shots this week.Last year this time we adopted a 44lb.- ribs showing dog. Out vet said he now weights 62.5 lbs. his coat is nice and shinny, his muscle tone is very good. She called him Nearly Perfect!!! The shinny hair and weight was helped a lot by your information on pet food in your Blog. Thank you Penny. Your kitties can't talk but I am sure they are saying thank you for taking your time to help find them a home.
It is just in cat talk you know. (LOL)