Friday, October 23, 2009

It's All About The Cats Today! "Pretty'" Gone.

Cooler weather, so we were all wearing sleeves today. I picked up Jay as he wanted to work, and I had some stuff that he could do.

Ray only had an hour that he could work, so he put weather stripping around the back door on the windy, cold, north side of his utility room. It gets drafty in there, on top of this hill with just fields behind the house, and Blackie, their cat, sleeps in there. Also more comfy when doing laundry.

While he was doing that, Jay and I were making something for my 14 year old Bobcat. She loves to sit at my bathroom window when she is not asleep under my bed, or on the porch. I have a stool there for her to jump up onto the tub, but with her arthritic front leg she was having trouble, balancing on the edge of the tub to jump up, or down, from her window. Jay and I made this board, and it has a piece along the buttom to stop it from moving. Now she is tickled pink about her new step. It will get painted.

Jay and I did a bit more repair to that back utility room door, and put a sweep on the bottom, to try to keep the drafts out.

I took Pretty into Conroe and we met my SPCA boss, who will keep Pretty overnight, and then she will go to her new 'forever' home tomorrow. She is very sweet, but too rambunctious for me. The other cat's wouldn't play with her, and she seemed to keep them on edge. She was always getting into something, and insisted on getting tangled up in all the wires to my PC. Now she will have a little girl, and a Chihuahua, to keep her occupied, so I am glad.

When I got home, I let the other three out on the porch, and they seemed to know that their lives were going to be a little bit more peaceful now. I couldn't get them to pose all together in one picture.

So it was all about the cats, today.

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