Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy Adoption Day. South Seas In Trouble

If you can help, the South Seas are in great need.
Clicks on the Child Health and Hunger sites will help a lot, but donations will be even better. There are folks there helping the stranded, injured, and starving animals, too. So clicks and donations on the Animal Rescue site help fund that.

The broadband and TV cable went out early this morning. Now I have the new router, but as it is off the cable box, it didn't do me any good! My PC hadn't been on dial-up for such a long time, it had to do it's searching for the right phone number to connect me. But I was finally able to read and reply to some emails.

Today is our SPCA Adoption Day at Petco, so I got a cage ready to transport Patches, as she gets upset in a regular carrier. Before I rescued her, she had been mistreated and was locked up in a carrier with no food, water or box for a long time. She was a pitiful, skinny, starving, thirsty, pregnant, tiny cat when I finally got her. SPCA had her spayed right away, and fortunately she hadn't contracted any cat diseases. Now she is a healthy plump cat, but she is still terrified of men.
I was taking Pretty too, this would be her first adoption day. I put them in the cage, and Ray helped me load it into the van and get it strapped down with a seat belt. Pretty meowed all the way there. Patches just sat and watched the scenery go by.

After the foster moms had their dogs and cats set up in the display cages, I wrote each animal's name on the little cut out plastic dog and cat name tags, and tied them to each cage with pretty ribbon. There are two loose leaf books which have all our cats in one, and dogs in another. It has their picture, and description, as we don't take all the animals to each Adoption Day. There would not be enough room.

Then I came home for a while, in the drizzling rain. I had left Prime, my third foster cat, in the house and she was still sitting on my bed watching Benji movies on the Hallmark Channel when I got home. The cable had come back on just before I left.

When it was time to drive back to the next town to pick up the cats, it was in a steady rain.

They said that outgoing little Pretty had attracted quite a few people as she was gently sticking her paw out between the bars of the cage trying to get attention. But, alas, no applications on her. She was so glad to see me, and was so quiet on the way home. Maybe she thought that I had deserted her, and was so glad to be going home that she thought that she had better behave in the van! Reserved Patches just huddled in the back of the display cage, so I expect the only way she will get adopted is through, as she doesn't 'flaunt' herself.

It has been a dreary, drizzly day.


Mom Bark+Bite said...

Hi Penny
Just to say thanks to you and all the people that give their time to save the life of many animals. (aka) Bite is not a vicious dog in any way but can snap at people if they reach out to pet him sometimes. Where we live the Sheriff's Dept. took over the local SPCA. I adopted my darling Velcro boxer dog from them. (aka) Bark is a Lhasa Apso I adopted him from the Humane Society.He has been with me for nine years and I can't imagine a day without him. Adopt an animal-save a life-gain a love one!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Hi, Mom Bark + Bite,
It seems that Bite is a 'fear-biter' and needs more self confidence around strangers. He can be trained to be happy around them.
If you watch "It's Me Or The Dog" on Animal Planet, you should be able to pick up a lot of tips to help him overcome this. If you don't have that show in your area, there are some shows on video on the internet. Just do a search for "It's Me Or The Dog".
I hope that you can get him to overcome his fears, as a fear biter is not a happy dog until he gains some self-confidence. Once you have given him that, through the right training, you will see more improvements in him in other areas too. Ones that you may not even realize that he needed.
Best wishes, and Happy Tails, Penny, TX