Monday, October 26, 2009

Plumbing! One Thing Leads to Another.

It was raining hard, but I drove down and got Jay, and Muffie, his neighbor's dog, as I was supposed to groom her today.
We all got wet. I had to change into my waterproof boots to paddle through the puddles, before I could even take the trash out to the road.

Jay cut a hole, with a hole saw, in the bottom of the little dishwsher for the drain, as it used to be a portable.
Ray did some more painting on the cabinet drawer and door that we will be installing.

To get the dishwasher drain off the disposal we had to take everything out from under the sink, so it was a good time to disconnect the sprayer, and install the soap dispenser. I never used the sprayer, as I have a fancy swivel one that I added to the faucet, and always used that to rinse the sink. The contractors who finished my house had done such a lousy job that we were going to have to drive into the next town to buy a new faucet, and also get parts for Claudia.

I took Muffie home, and said that I would have to do her another day. The main road below me was flooded, so we had to drive around the long way.

Claudia's water heater plumbing had sprung a leak last night, and from the way it was spraying, it was flooding her bathroom, and not going in the water heater pan. It was plumbed with two kinds of pipe, not CPVC. At Lowes we showed them what pipe we had, to connect to the galvanized fitting on the water heater, so they sold us a lot of fittings, and more pipe of another kind.

It all looked so complicated that I stopped at our local hardware store on the way home, and bought 2 Flair-It fittings that would do the whole job. One of those was an inline shut-off, so that she wouldn't have to be without water again, if something happened to the water heater. We got those installed, and came back here to install my faucet and soap dispenser.

No big deal, but I am still without hot water at the sink, until the little dishwasher is installed, as we had to stop for the day.

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