Saturday, October 10, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes! Mirage Gone, too

I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up about 1.00 AM, and couldn't get back to sleep. Watching TV lying down, usually sends me to sleep, but a couple of movies didn't do it. The few times I did drop off, Bobcat gently caressed my face with her paw, and woke me up. I should have locked her up in my bathroom, but she is old and hurting, so I didn't want to upset her. I don't know why she has started doing this. Finally, I gave up, and got up about 5.00 AM, and it was cold. Yesterday, I was warm, even in a tank top, but this morning I dressed in a t-shirt and cardigan. Usually I can take the cardigan off when the sun comes out, but not today.

After I had my coffee and fed the cats, I started to get the Mirage ready for it's new lady owner. She knew that my foam mattress didn't go with it, anyway she had her own. She didn't need the coffee maker or TV, so I removed those, but left the toaster oven and two burner hot plate, as she wanted them. I supplied her with a new water hose, and drain hose.

When Ray arrived, he spread the contact cement on the Formica and table top. While that was drying, I moved the Mirage out of the RVport, Ray rinsed it off, and we checked all the fluids, and tires.
By then both table parts felt dry, so I got out the dowels, laid them across the tabletop so that the Formica wouldn't stick until we had it positioned correctly. As soon as we thought it was right, I pulled the first dowel out, and pressed my end down. Gradually working my way towards the other end, I smoothed and pulled each dowel out to let the two surfaces meet. This is something that once it sticks, there is no "slip". We put a bunch of clamps all around the table and weighted it down with bins of potting soil.

Just as we had that finished, the lady arrived to pick up the Mirage. I reminded her to get a water regulator, before I forgot, and we got all the paperwork done. After she left, the next thing on the list was a trip into town to the bank and the grocery store.

For the first time this season, I had to turn the heat on today.

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