Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Washing Dishes.

It was another nice day, it did threaten to rain, but it was a hollow threat. My porch is still wet from the last downpour.

Ray, Jay and I got the Haier dishwasher in and out of it's space, it is a tight fit, and installed the new water supply line. The new line doesn't leak. When I loaded some dishes in it, it seemed like it was never going to stop washing, and go ahead and drain. I thought that maybe the timer was bad, so I changed my clothes, ready to go to town to buy another dishwasher. But it did finally drain. I won't put it on 'long' wash again, as my dishes are rinsed off before they go in there.
It is just the right size for me, and it will give me more storage space, too, since I took the regular size one out.

Jay and I went into town anyway, as we had several things to do. I wanted to exchange the little cordless vac that I had bought the other day. I decided I needed the more expensive one, as it has a little brush and crevice tool. It is a lot heavier as it has a more powerful motor, but it will do a better job. This time I got a Shark, and the one I wanted was cheaper at Lowes than WalMart!!

WalMart is now offering Windows 7 computers. I am so tired of all the wires going to and from my desktop, that I have been looking at laptops again at different stores.
When we got home, Jay helped me moved some furniture around in the computer area, so that I will have two desks in an "L". Now that I have the router, I can have both computers going at the same time, and just swivel my chair around.
It still needs a bit of tweaking, as I have to move one more little chest of drawers, so that area is a mess as well as the kitchen. I can't put all my kitchen things away yet, as Ray still has to permanently install the power source.

"There is such a buildup of crud in my oven there is only room to bake a single cupcake. "-Phyllis Diller

Tomorrow is another day.

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