Sunday, October 11, 2009

Empty RVport. Making Boxes.

It was cold last night, the first time I have slept with the bedspread/ comforter on the bed for a long time.

Now that the Mirage is gone, the RVport is empty. The TranStar can stay outside until after we have a yard sale. The clocks change at the end of the month, so I would like to have one before then. I need to free up some storage space for my next project, getting Pugsy, the vintage motor home, sold.

Yesterday afternoon, Claudia and Jay had dropped off MaeMae while they went to the next town, so that I could feed her. I had bought her some dog food, as they were out of it. MaeMae spent the night here, as Jay said he wanted to work this morning, so he would brush dry her, if I bathed her. She prefers me to bathe her, as he is too rough, and they don't have the dog bathing set up like I do here.
Pretty, the little Siamese was absolutely fascinated by MaeMae, and Prime didn’t hiss at her or anything.

This morning, MaeMae and I drove down there and picked up Jay, and we all went down to the lake to feed scraps to the ducks or fish. No ducks around, so the fish came up and ate them.
I was glad Jay was here as there are still things that Ray can’t do with his bad back.

Ray clipped the hedge, and ran the blower in the RV port and dog walkway to the backyard. Jay and I moved some carpet to store it in Pugsy, the vintage motor home, and we re-rolled the un-installed linoleum for the guest house on a larger diameter piece of pipe, to keep it smooth. Then Jay raked, and hauled the bin of pine needles to the burn pile.

Jay and a clean little MaeMae were taken home, and as it had started raining again, we worked on cutting boxes on our newly Formica-ed table on the screen porch.
It hurts my bad wrist to cut a lot of them, so that is why I had Ray do the cutting today. Different sizes of tubes have to be made for different lengths, sizes and amounts of plants. So they are just about custom made for each order. Shipping tubes are about $2-5 each, so I would rather recycle this good strong cardboard from the cat litter boxes. The aloe plants are wrapped in moist medium, then put in round cardboard tubes, usually out of paper towels, before they go in the trianglar tube. If they are very large, wide plants, they each have their own big triangular tube, and packed in an oblong box.

I tried Live Writer again, but when I click on 'Publish", the sign still came up:
"An error occurred while attempting to connect to your blog. The underlying connection was closed. Could not establish trust relationship for SSL/TLS secure channel. You must correct this error before proceeding."
That's all it said, it would be great if I knew what it was talking about! No 'Help' button or anything. So I had to copy and paste it, and go back to Blogger.

I was going to go to WalMart to get the little cordless hand vac that I need, but the wet roads got that put off for today.

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