Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feeding the Ducks. Then Morning in Town

It's Wednesday again, the day I go into the next town to buy the things I can't get here.

I had some left overs that I wanted to feed to the ducks and fish at the lake, and Jay did too, so we both went. The ducks know the sound of my little car, and they came skimming over the water to see what goodies I had today. The little minnows were chasing each other at the boat ramp just waiting to see what they could glean. The fish started jumping at the food that floated, and I wished I could see what was going on under the water. I really need to take my camera when I go down there, it is just at the bottom of my road. We have even had a flock of seagulls dive out of the sky for scraps, and I am 100 miles from the coast. They are great fun to feed. It was chilly this morning and I wished I had worn a sweater.

As Jay was back to his normal self, I let him go with me into town as he had some bills to pay.

I did buy most of what I needed, and so we looked in some thrift shops. Wasn't much there today, nothing much that either of us wanted, anyway. I did get a cute mug with some foxy looking baby puppies lolloping all over a big brown dog with "Sometimes it is just one thing on top of another" written on it. A light weight wooden book rack that will screw on the wall of the RV, and couple of fanny packs. One for working around here, as I always carry a few tools, pencil, paper, scissors, tape, and house phone. The other larger one, black leather, for traveling or flea markets when you don't want to be saddled with a purse. Jay got a mouse for his computer, as his lost it's ball, so it became a neutered mouse !

By the time we had done all that, it had warmed up quite a lot and we began to wish we were in the air conditioned truck. Especially as the car sat in the sun while we had lunch, even with the windshield shade up, it still heated up the inside. Thank goodness it doesn't have leather seats.

Just a nice sunny day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

We have gulls up here around the lakes. I guess they come up much the same as geese and ducks do during the winter. I see you read Sandra's journal and noted that Gordon will be coming back to Texas this next winter. Maybe we all can get together for a visit?

Joe and Sherri