Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Grooming, and a Visit to a Thrift Shop.

I wanted to start grooming Mindi's poodles as early as I could, but that wasn't to be. I was on this computer writing a quick note to an aloe customer, when a friend IM'd me. They have had a lot of problems, and a couple of deaths lately, so I couldn't be insensitive and tell them I didn't have time for them. You know how that goes ! So I didn't get started in the grooming room until about 9.45.

I got Suggy and Punkie bathed, and brush/fluff dried, then I realized it was Saturday, and I had better get to the vet to get more Revolution. They close at noon, so I changed my top, shoes and also got some clipper blades together. There is a resale shop in our town, open Wed. to Sat., and she grooms dogs on the other days at her house. One day I asked her where she gets her blades sharpened, and she said that she has a big flat sharpening wheel, and she does her own. She had told me that she would sharpen mine, too. Now, I don't know how good she is, and there is an art to it, so I only took five. She quoted me a good price, but if they aren't sharpened properly the blades just jam up in the dog's hair, and won't cut at all. We will see.

I got the Revolution, and some more medicine for Mindi's little old Sheba's cough, and took the blades to the resale shop. I found some neat thingys to hold up my hair there, as I have to keep my long hair swept up, in this climate. I just can't handle my hair when it is short, it sticks out all over the place like rat's tails. When I called Mindi about Sheba's medicine, I found out that her fabulous five would be with me for one more day. Phew, now I wasn't so rushed !

I had gone one way to the vet and another way to the resale shop, trolling for gas prices. It seemed that with my Kroger Card, it was cheaper there, so I went back that way, as the truck needed gas.

As I was no longer in a tail spin about getting the dogs done, I went into Kroger's and found some more groceries that I needed. They have just about got all the shelves stocked back up after Ike. As often happens, there and at WalMart, one item didn't scan the shelf price. I watch those scanner prices like a hawk, as I think it is all a deliberate, "accidental on purpose" scam. Have you noticed that it is always in their favor ? It is a matter of principle with this old frugal Scot, and so I had to get that rectified.

I made a late lunch of chicken breast and low fat cheese wraps. I hadn't had any of those for a long time, and I was just nummy for some. I finished Punkie and Suggy, cut Caesar down, clipped a lot of hair off his face, feet, tummy, brushed and cleaned his ears, so he was ready for his bath. But I will finish him tomorrow, and groom Sam's Mikey, too.

Little isolation kitty is watching all this from her cage in the middle room. I have to keep the dutch door closed while the dogs are here, so she gets up on top of her kitty condo, so that she can see the TV and watch me groom. The dogs have to go through the middle room on their way out to the back yard, so she is getting used to their prying noses.

Tomorrow I will have to keep Mikey and Caesar apart, and locked up, when I am not working on them, or they might have a 'tinkling' contest in my grooming room, and that is not allowed. They can do that outside, but not at the same time, as I don't mix up animals from different homes. Boys will be boys. Little Jakie is a boy, too, but he is neutered and has better manners.

Time to let the dogs out again, tomorrow is another doggie day.

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