Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day Off Plum Wore Me Out

Ray is going to be off today, as he is pressure washing. So I had earmarked this as the day to go into the next town, and dressed accordingly.

AOL is closing down their Picture Album Storage, so I transferred my many albums to the place that AOL directed me to, Photoworks, with one click. I don't like it, but I don't do well with new things on this computer. AOL Picture Storage was so easy for me to use, and fast. Photoworks seems to take forever, I suppose it is because it loads all the albums with Java. I am used to AOL just loading the first one, and then I have a list I can click on to go to the one I want. I wish I knew which other picture place did that. So I fiddled with it for over an hour, before going into town. Picasa is fine, but I haven't found out how access my albums from my laptop.

I had a 10.30 appointment to get my hair trimmed at the beauty school, and it does look a lot better. She was very surprised how long my hair is when I let it down, said I looked like I had short hair. I wish I could have short hair like some folks, but it just sticks out like straight rats tails. If I have a perm, beauticians, no matter how much I pay, always fry it, and it is just one big frizz, then I have to cope with an afro unless I have time to get it set every week. Which I haven't had time, or inclination to do since I retired. I did that for 50 years.

I don't often get to the south end of town, and the beauty school is in the same shopping center as the Goodwill store. Also in the same center is a great big bingo place so there are never any parking spaces, so I left the truck where it was and walked. I found something that I have been wanting for a long time, a big white toaster oven like my old big brown Black and Decker. I had that old brown one for 20 years, and it was great, but when my kitchen was finally finished with white cabinets, I wanted a white one. I had bought my present white Toastmaster at Foley's and never did like it, especially as all the numbers wore off, and I am the only one who knows roughly what temperature, or mode it is set on. My late uncle used to make the best pies, and cheesecakes, and he said that my old B&D oven did better than any big oven. It will hold a 10" pie pan.

As I was working my way north, I wandered through four more thrift shops, but couldn't find anything I wanted. WalMart had been waiting on me to get there for several weeks now. I was, like Speedy, out of ground coffee, but I did have back-up instant colombian for the last few mornings. Just not the same. They have moved everything in our WalMart, so you walk from one end to the other looking for stuff, and back again. Can you believe they didn't have any white thread in there. They have closed down the fabric dept., and all they had on the crafts aisle was one spool of black thread.

I was tired, and called it a day.

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