Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Making Drapes for HiLo. Thriftshopping

Jay wanted to go into the next town with me, as his mother had to go into Houston for some more chemo. He can't stand his own company.

Another Thursday that I did my Wednesday shopping. I got what I needed and we bought a few things at several thrift shops. I got a lovely big pastel floral Monet-like painting, for $1, but it was the gilded wooden frame that I wanted. Some red SAS shoes, and oh, are they comfy. Beige slacks to go with my beige, white and black top with zebras on it. Jay got jeans and shirts. Just a bunch of little stuff. We had lunch at Taco Bell.

A new JC Penney's opened up here a couple of weeks ago, and they had those 'bullet' smoothie, mixing machines on sale for $19.88, so I got one of them. They take up so much less space than a blender, and do so much more, so they are great for RVs. Then took Jay home.

I spent the afternoon replying to emails about things I have for sale, and measuring which drapes I could make out of which parts of the fabric that I had sewn already to the right lengths.

I made arrangements to have Jim, the mechanic, check something on the Little Van, as I have two batches of folks coming to see it this weekend. Also to get him to pack the wheel bearings on the HiLo, as it's new owner is supposed to pick it up this weekend.

Jay's mother was kept in the hospital, and so he wanted me to go get him, and his mother's dog, and cook for him. He brought shrimp and Chinese noodles, and I supplied Chinese veges. Then I took him home, but kept MaeMae here. She doesn't like to be with him when his mother isn't there, as he will probably start drinking, so she wanted to stay here.

The little black kitten is doing fine, but I still worry about his litter mate over there at Kroger's dumpster. Still can't find it, I hope someone is taking good care of it.

Just a messing about day.

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