Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Worked on HiLo. Got Yard Sale Stuff Down

Another chilly, but not cold morning. Bobcat went out on the porch first thing, and I started sewing the mounting tape on two more pairs of drapes at 7.30. Ray would be arriving at 9.00, and I wanted to have them ready, if the HiLo Guy showed up. Two more windows done.
We found a scratch on the trailer, and Ray sanded it, and painted it. Then I got out all the information and diagrams that I had gleaned off the web about greasing the HiLo's pulleys, cables and guiding rod. I got out the Break-Free gun lubricant spray and some Lithium White Grease, and Ray got under the trailer and sprayed and greased everything he could find. Then he sprayed Break Free on the cables in the places inside.

Next I went up in the other attic over the store room, Ray stayed half-way down the stairs, and I handed him any boxes of winter stuff that I had for sale. Thank goodness I had marked each box's contents. So many comforters and sleeping bags that we had to get two playpens down to hold them all. I looked at all the boxes in the RVport, and said " No Way", I just knew I wouldn't have time to get all this sorted out in time for this weekend.

So we went back to doing another job on the HiLo. The Formica on the counter next to the dinette had come loose. It is such a tight fit to get in there that Jay and I were going to redesign the table. Part of it had broken off, and it caught on you, every time you tried to get out of the dinette. We found some Formica that closely matched and cut it to fit. Yes, I know we should have stuck it on there first and then routered it, but we didn't want to have to clean up the mess from the router. So we cut it with a sharp utility knife, and laid a cut belt-sander belt flat on a table, and sanded any burrs off the edges that way, to make them even. We Contact Cement-ed the front piece back on again, and added our piece around the left corner. You would have to be looking for it to see that it isn't the same. Put tape on it for now, as we can't clamp it.

Bobcat just stayed in the sunny places on the porch. She is a good "Watch Cat", and will "watch" work by the hour.

Snack actually ate a little last night, also some of her breakfast, so I guess she is coming out of her funk.

Pepper chased around and playing, as usual.

HiLo Guy didn't email, so he's not coming today.

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