Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fence Mending again. True Cost of a Thing.....

Ray and I wanted to get the last three rotten boards replaced on the front fence, so that the old ones could go on the burn pile. You can just see them at the left of the picture. It isn't a simple job, so we had to have time to devote to it, so that is all we got done.

This area is right by a big pine tree, so the east end of the fence is very difficult to get to. The tree is in a little triangle that is fenced off from my main back yard as I have rose bushes growing there, and I don't want any dogs in the yard to get hurt, especially their eyes. So I had to undo one end of that little fence first, so that we could get to the outer fence. That area is not cleaned out or raked very often, so I got it looking presentable again. One of my rose bushes had died, I don't know why, so I got that cleaned out too. We replaced the boards, and had to scab a 4x4 on to the original post as it needed it. Then we got the welded wire fencing stapled back on my side of it, which "dog proofs" the back yard. A little oak has grown and pushed the fence out, but I am going to let the subdivision worry about that as it is just past my property line.

While we had cords strung back there for the chop-saw, Ray trimmed the hedge, and it all looks nice again.

As for this government mess. My humble opinion is that too many people have got themselves into too much debt for stuff that they WANT because so-and-so has one, and so they charged it. They can't be satisfied with getting just what they NEED. "Thou shall NOT covet", and that also means, don't try to keep up with the Jones. They can't take their U-Haul of "stuff" through the pearly gates, and neither can you. When I was growing up in London, if you wanted to buy something, on tick, (time) you had to put a third down. That really made you think, and save.


Another nice day.

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