Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally got the Awning Done. Bobcat Not Well.

It was chilly in my bathroom when I started to get ready this morning, so I turned on a little plug-in heater for the first time this season. It turned out to be a warm day.

Ray and I started work later, as it is Sunday. We wouldn't work today, but we have to get done any little details that need doing to the HiLo. It's new owner will be here to pick it up next week. So Ray works whenever he is available.

My hair was still wet when we started, so I didn't want to be outside right away. As it had been getting a little chillier at nights, this was a good time to get the oil-filled radiators down from the attic. This something that I cannot do by myself. I have the AC turned off now, and I don't think I will need heat yet, except when bathing, but you never know.

The wallowed out places where the awning arms attach, that we filled yesterday, didn't work. So we had to go to plan B, and move them up 1/2". The thumbscrews that I had bought, as I couldn't get wing-bolts like original ones, worked great. To be sure that they couldn't back out and get lost on the road, we chucked them up in the vice, with that piece of the arm right at the end of the thread. Then hit them with a star punch a couple of times, that tipped the end thread of the screw over the arm just enough so that they won't get lost.

We had a place on the side of the trailer that needed some Spot Bondo, and when I got it out, the tube had hardened, so we couldn't do that. So I bought some while I was in town. Then we unscrewed a bar off the bottom of the top door that has a padded place for when the trailer is raised to keep it sealed. Ray drilled out the rivets, and we will put new padded vinyl in there. So we have our work cut out for us tomorrow.

Last night I noticed that Bobcat's chin is swollen, I don't have any idea what happened to her. She has not left this house or porch. Maybe she got bitten by some insect, and then scratched it. But she won't really let me look at it. I went into town to the Dollar General and bought her some children's liquid Benedryl. But there is no way I can get it down her. She hides when she sees me with it in my hand, as she doesn't want anyone to touch her. I drove by another vet that has opened up, and saw that they open at 7.30am, so I will give them a call in the morning. Kenya said Bobcat might have an abscessed lower tooth, but anything is just guessing until she is seen by a vet. I know she is in pain, but cats must NOT be given aspirin, or Tylenol.

A sunny day.

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