Monday, October 6, 2008

Listed The HiLo, too, so had to get Busy

I can't believe I didn't wake up until 7.15 this morning. Very unusual for me. I got a few things done, and a quick trip into town while I waited for Ray, who had to install someone's storm door, so we got a late start, anyway.

I got a bee in my bonnet last night after the chatroom, and made a quick listing of the HiLo on eBay. I only had some old photos of it, but I knew I could change them, as long as no one bid on it. So Ray quickly re-installed all the painted drip caps over the windows, and we got the table re-installed, so that I could take some new pictures. The first picture is 'before', and the second is 'after' ! I think it looks better, but then I don't like dark brown except on trees.

The wallpaper also matches everything, with faint avocado and cream stripes on a white background. We had taken the single bowl sink out and installed a double one. Then I had added the cellular blinds each end, that match the like-new avocado/brown/cream upholstery. The stove and fridge are avocado, too. That's one thing about HiLos, they usually have nice big kitchens. I will have to get cracking on making the side drapes, now. Avocado is not my choice, but it is original for that era.

I would keep this little trailer, but I prefer a motor home. It is already heated/cooled when you get where you are going, and being on my own, I don't have to get out if I don't want to. I can turn the key and leave. I have had both and I prefer motorhomes.

A sunny but humid day.

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