Monday, October 13, 2008

HiLo Travel Trailer Sold. Isolation kitty leaves.

When I was checking my emails this morning while drinking my coffee, I found out that the HiLo TT had sold on eBay. Not for the amount that I had it advertised locally, but still it will be one more thing out of the yard.

I would like to keep it, but there are some things about it that are difficult for me to handle on my own. The dinette table is heavy for me to make into a bed, and the gaucho is awkward for me, too. Not so much the pulling it out, but to get into the storage underneath it. I love the big kitchen, power tongue jack, and hydraulic lift system. This is my third HiLo, they are really well made. Due to Ike, no power and all the Ike clean-up, I haven't had time to finish the side drapes. Forunately, the Buyer sent a deposit and isn't picking it up until next week ! But I swept and mopped the floor anyway.

Kenya came and picked up the little isolation kitty, and remarked how much weight HE had put on. She has to take him to the Dr. tomorrow, hopefully for a clean bill of health. Yes, I was told it was a girl, and then I discovered that it is a little boy. Kenya said how it had helped her with her work load having me take care of him for a week. I will have to wash my blankies and cage with bleach water before another cat can go in there. Then all I have to do is watch out for Bobcat getting the 'sneezles' during the next week.

The Little Van is in front of the HiLo, and I needed somewhere to put it. The vintage motor home, "Pugsy", was sitting halfway down a parking space and if moved back, there would be room for the van behind it. Because of circumstances, it would be easier to push Pugsy, than drive it. Jim, the mechanic came up here, and he got a board between Pugsy and my Dakota truck, and I tried to push it back like that. There was a little stump in the way, so my truck couldn't do it. So Jim went home to get a better come-along than mine, and we were going to winch Pugsy back. He came back in just a few minutes with a Front End Loader following him. They were patching the streets with asphalt. Jim lined up the front of the front end loader and Pugsy, and it got pushed back, so I was able to park the van in front of it. One job done !!

Now, that the van is out of the way, when Ray or Jay is here, I can back my truck up to the HiLo. Then we can check out all the running lights on the HiLo, as my truck has a hitch and trailer pigtail. The HiLo needed to be pulled forward anyway, as the gap between it and the house is too narrow, and the van doesn't have a hitch.

Bobcat wanted to stay on the porch and sunbathe all day.

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