Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Doing Jobs and Listing Little Van

EBay has changed their listing fees in eBay Motors, so I spent a lot of time listing and editing an ad for the Little Van. No listing fee if it doesn't sell. $125, if it does. It is better if the auction starts, and so therefore stops, on a Sunday evening, I have heard, so I have it all ready to click on "List" later this evening. The van has been hanging around here long enough, and I can't drive it, it hurts my knee. And it is too nice to take out the power couch/bed out and haul stuff in it. Make a great van for towing a travel trailer, horse box, boat, ATV's or other toys.
I had a question about the picture fee, and was on Live Chat with one of their reps for over an hour. I hate it when I am very specific about what I want to know, and they go slowly all around Kelly's Barn, stopping at every cow pattie to tell you the answer, and taking ages to reply to you. It is like being put on hold, but on the puter.

In between times, I was just doing odd jobs around here, laundry, hair washing, cooking, dishes, glueing and clamping a wooden chair, adding to my "Ike List of Lost Food" on Word Pad.

I took the time today to look at some of jbbar's pictures. is a chatter in RV-Dreams chat room) They are lovely. He has taken some beauties all over the country. You can do that when you are a fulltimer.

I was also looking at the 32 pages of a Class C MH re-build on RVNet. When I started, I thought that by the 32nd. page it would be done, but it is still a flat bed right now. Malcolm hadn't thought that he would have to do all that when he started, but one thing led to another.
Now I know why I prefer molded fiberglass RV's !! Or at least the ones that have a solid fiberglass roof that comes over the sides. I have had to repair some doozies in my 40 years of working on RVs, but I wouldn't go that far. Like the old saying, "Take the radiator cap off, and drive another RV under it."

Jim, the mechanic, picked up my truck last Friday night, as I have been waiting for him to have time to put motor mounts on it. I knew that the power steering was leaking, too. He fixed that and some other little things, and I get it back tomorrow. Just in time, it seems like it is going to be warmer and more humid, so the AC in the truck will come in handy.

A lazy Sunday

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