Friday, October 24, 2008

Hemming Drapes. Getting Van and HiLo Ready

It started out at just over 40 degrees today, so when I went to pick up Jay there were folks riding around on their golf carts wearing sweats with the hoods up. He wanted me to pick him up again today, as his mother was still in the hospital, so I did. MaeMae rode down there with me. She knew where I was going as soon as I put on my fanny pack, and danced and twirled with excitement. I just take it, not my purse, when I am in the subdivision, as it has a little pocket for my cell phone, and pouch for my house phone. You know someone is going to call the house as soon as I drive a few houses down, or when I am just coming back into my driveway.

I also keep a few little tools in my fanny pack all the time. When we are working, Jay or Ray will say, Let me 'see' ( TX expression, meaning 'use') your tiny screwdriver, or pliers, or ratchet stubby (with 6 different bits), needle nose pliers, tape measure, or any of the other little things I keep in it. It saves us (me) a walk back to the workshop.

I knew I had to get the drapes done for the Hi-Lo, that was my main item for today. I had already figured out which panels to use for which windows, so Jay held the folded panels so I could just run the scissors down the folds. I didn't really have anything for him to do today, as I can't be outside telling him what to do next and watching him, and inside making drapes at the same time. So I put him to work with a seam ripper undoing a green valance, in front of the living room TV, while I sewed the side hems on 8 drapery panels. It was easier to just 'press' the hems, and sew them, than pin them. Notice, I didn't write "ir*n", as I didn't want to have to wash my fingers. That is the same as the "w*rk" word. I still have to sew the mounting tape on all of them.

Jim, the mechanic, picked up the Little Van to made a repair to one of the power locks that wasn't quite right, and check the AC. Anyone looking at it is going to want working AC in TX, even in Oct/Nov.!! I am supposed to have two couples coming to see it this weekend.

Then Jay and I went outside and put down the HiLo's front awning. We had to make a couple of adjustments on it to make it lock down, since Ray and I had to move the brackets up ever so slightly. As I touched the button inside the door that hydraulically lowers the top of the trailer down into it's traveling position, Jay watched at the back to make sure that the braces that he had put on the back window where the AC is, didn't hit the spare tire. It just cleared at the trailer's lowest position. Phew ! I backed my truck up to the HiLo, and Jay used the trailer's power jack to lower it onto the ball mount on the truck. The truck's rear end didn't squat one bit. I had never had a travel trailer on the back of my Dakota before. In fact, I doubt if it has ever towed a trailer, as I had the bumper and receiver hitch put on it.

Jim brought the Little Van back, and took the HiLo and truck down my street to his shop to pack the wheel bearings, and check out the running lights, ready for it's trip to it's new home. (I hope). I drove down to Jim's to take him some special marine wheel bearing grease I had, that wanted him to use. So while I was there I took one more measurement for the glass door's drape.

Jay walked home, but MaeMae stayed here, and she helped me figure out which way to make the door drape from her bed under the coffee table. I really wanted to use some more of the left over white part of the fabric on the top of the door drape, so that it would match the rest of them. The green valance that Jay unpicked this morning, I wanted to make into one more gathered place at the top of all the drapes, over the white. To do that it would have to be gathered and sewn on there. I fooled with the gatherer attachment to my sewing machine for over an hour, even did a search on the web, to see if I was doing it right. It just wouldn't do want I wanted it to. I have used it to make pleats and it does a good job, but
never as a gatherer. I might just have to run a couple of lines of sewing on the fabric and pull the underneath strings to make the gathers. Gee, that is going to take longer. Murphy's Law is at it again.

So tomorrow will be another drapery day.

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