Friday, October 17, 2008

What Happened to Wednesday? Sad Local News.

This morning I was getting ready for Ray to arrive so that we could finish putting the vinyl and padding in the HiLo. I saw him outside, so I asked him what time he would be over here. He said "I told you I couldn't work Friday", I said " Oh, it's Friday, I thought it was Thursday". I had to look at the computer to see what day it is.

I usually go into our town on Mondays to mail the aloe that has been sold during the week, but the Post Office being closed for Columbus Day got me messed up. So I made my Wednesday trip to the next town on a Thursday, and didn't even know it!

So today, I spent time doing a few things around the house, and listed some more things for sale. But the biggest time consumer was the Live Chat on eBay. They just can't seem to get the Shipping Calculator going right. One chat took 35 minutes and another I just 'exited' after 57 minutes.

Phone calls were coming in all day about some startling local news. A lot of us around here, and from other towns, go to our local vet, and he had committed suicide. He was young, 39-40, a darned good vet, had a family, had just moved into a lovely new building, and he was always busy. I just saw him last Saturday when I went to get the Revolution, and he was standing there joking with a client. I wonder what made him do it ? Who are we going to go to, now ? My heart goes out to his family picured here.

Gee, TGIF !!

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