Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Didn't have Two Minutes to Rub Together 'Til Now

First thing, I had my coffee and read emails, replied and sent pictures to people inquiring about the things I have for sale. Then I fed Bobcat her breakfast, and fed the five poodles theirs. Gave Sheba her medicine. I usually lock three of the poodles up when they eat, as two like to take their time, and one will guzzle anything up if the others even look away for a second. But this morning I locked them all up seperately to eat. I mainly wanted Caesar locked up when Mikey came in.

At 8.30 AM, I drove down the street, maybe 1/4 mile, and picked up Mikey, let him do what he had to do in the back yard, and locked him up in a great big dog carrier in the middle of my grooming room. Of course, when he came in, the other poodles all started barking. I took the others out into the back yard to do their thing, as they always seem to need to go out after they eat, and locked them all up again.

I quickly tended to isolation kitty, held her, petted her, fed her, medicated her, locked her back up. I got out of my isolation gown, and scrubbed my hands. Dogs can't catch it, but I don't want to touch anything and give Upper Respiratory Infection to Bobcat.

I let Mikey out of the carrier, up on the grooming table, brushed any tangles out of his ears, cleaned them, and bathed him. He is supposed to be white, but he gets so filthy from digging and rolling in the dirt at Sams that I had to shampoo him three times. I put him in a cage dryer for a while, so I could get another swallow of coffee, and check on emails again. I had more pictures to send. After 15 minutes I got him out of the cage dryer and brush/fluff dried him. I clipped his face, tummy, feet, and scissored his legs, cut his nails, etc. He looked so good, but he wears me out as he won't hold still. Now, it was about 11 o'clock, and I took him home. I took the other poodles out just as soon as I got back, and left them in their normal mode of loose in the grooming room. I had to take some Revolution down to where Muffy lives, also down my street, so I got that ready, quickly drove there and back.

After a quick lunch, I started on Caesar. I got him bathed , and got a bit more done on Punkie while he was in the cage dryer for a while. Then I got him out and brush/fluff dried him, and finished his groom. He loves the attention, loves to be groomed, and will hold very still, even though he is a hyper dog. I am the only person who has ever groomed him since he was a baby. I finally got Punkie all done, and nails cut etc. Whew ! She is another wigglewort, and wears me out. Mindi had called and they were going to pick them up at 4.30, but I fed them their dinner anyway, as she might be late. She picked them up after 6.00!

I fiddled with my camera phone, and tried to read the mountain of directions, some of which didn't really tell me what I wanted to know. But I did manage to take some pictures with it today, and after a struggle got them into My Pictures:

Top two are Mikey, who wouldn't hold still !

Here are four of Mindi's, L-R: Suggy, Jakey, Punkie, Caesar,

Then one of Jakey and Caesar.

Another doggie day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Just got caught back up on your journal and you once again have worn me out! You work to hard for me I can't keep up. Are you planning on slowing down someday.


Joe and Sherri