Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Drapes and Got A "Snack"

When I woke up I found out that my 'world clock' tried to fool me and was an hour wrong, as it didn't know that Daylight Savings Time had been changed. So I had to put it on Pacific Time so that it would be right. But, of course, my battery one was OK.

Another nice day, it went up to about 80 deg. after a chilly start.

I fooled with drapes most of the day. I got the door drape made and ready, as it goes on a rod. The window ones still have to have the mounting tape sewn on. I taped this one up on the window to see what it would look like.
Then I gathered some more green fabric, pinned and taped that over the right half of the window to see what it would look like. I sent a picture to the supposedly future owner and asked if they wanted that extra ruffle, and thank goodness he said leave it be, as he wants to pick it up on Wednesday.

Due to the problems I am having, I was advised to do a complete re-install of AOL. I followed all the directions, except the last part about restoring AOL Saved Files, as the places they wanted me to click on, weren't there. So the years of my collection of My Favorites, mostly about RVs, have disappeared. I hope an AOL tech will tell me how to get them back.

Shay's sister brought me a big, smokey-colored female (spayed) cat named "Snack". The previous owner had her for 5 years, and for some reason can no longer keep her. I couldn't uproot any pet of mine like that. Poor thing. So Snack is quite traumatised and is hiding in the closet in the grooming room. Shay's sister said that she will do that for about a day, and then she will come out and be sociable. I usually leave the black kitten loose in there during the day, but I had to lock him up for now, until they get to know each other. I am thinking about "Pepper" for a name for the black kitten.

This is getting old....Tomorrow another drapery day.

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