Monday, October 20, 2008

More Done to Hilo. Bobcat to Vet.

The day started out chilly, but the sun was shining, so it warmed up quickly. Bobcat doesn't even want to go out on her screen porch and watch the sun rise, and isn't eating as well as usual. I called early this morning, and they have a temporary vet at our vet's office. I found out that our late vet had taken a bunch of barbiturates, and turned on a generator in his garage. Bobcat's appointment is for 11.30, so we won't get much done on the HiLo today.

First we put some spot putty on the places that needed it, so that it could be drying while we did the door seal.

Here is the old ratty door seal and the new one. I pried open the folded metal apart where the vinyl goes in, and folded the vinyl around the specially formed rubber wedge that goes in it. To keep it all together, I ran a quick hem on the edge with the sewing machine. We put the vinyl in between the folded bar, and made new holes through the vinyl with an ice pick, and Ray riveted it back together, then we screwed it back on the door, with it's mounting plate.

Then we taped up the off side of the trailer, and painted the bottom "Cashmere Latte".

It was time for me to take Bobbiecat for her appointment. She meowed two little protests on the way. Being in the truck means "Vet", if she had been in the motor home, she would have been quite happy, as that means "Camping". She is a happy camper, and has been to eight states. She was good while the temporary vet examined her, and he confirmed what we already knew, that she has an abscess, but it is not a tooth. He said she could have been bitten by something. Bobcat had to stay there so that she can be anaesthetised, have it lanced and cleaned. He will give her an antibiotic shot and a shot for pain. It would be too difficult, and cruel, to try to give her oral medications.

So I came home, made some lunch, changed sheets, did laundry and wrote this. It felt very strange being in the house all by myself. Most of the time Bobcat is just laying somewhere sleeping, but this is the first time since we built this house ten years ago, that there hasn't been another breathing body in it with me. I hadn't realize what a difference that makes. The vet's office told me to pick her up at 4.30.

Just FYI: Gas is down to $2.58 in our little town, but it will be cheaper toward Houston. With my Kroger card it was $2.48.

I feel better that Bobcat will feel better, so it's a lovely, sunny, happy day.

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