Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just a Bunch of Jobs.

It was cold this morning. First thing, Bobcat went to the screen porch patio door to go out there, so I opened it, and she decided that wasn't a good idea. I wasn't going to let her out there anyway. She sure did enjoy sunbathing in there later on in the day, though.

The guy who is supposed to pick up the HiLo emailed and said he couldn't make it this Wednesday, and would come the Wednesday after, so that put me back to Plan A. I had got some time off from one of my jobs as I wanted to have a yard sale this weekend to get some of this stuff out of the way. It takes days to get ready for it.

I was going to call Kenya to find out when she was bringing my yard sale tables back, but she called me about the little black Pepper kitten. Her big yard sale is this weekend, Gee, I thought it was the one after. So she wanted to keep my tables. I told her that Snack, the cat, wasn't eating, and that I had given her water and NutriCal in the side of her mouth, to keep her going. Kenya, said I should cage her in a dark place as they feel better that way, until they feel at ease. Oh, and she wants me to start the three day worming on Pepper. I had been putting that off, as I was busy with the HiLo.
This is Pepper playing cat-n-mouse with a computer mouse. She is only locked up at night, the rest of the time she is playing in the dog room.

Ray arrived and we got in gear. First "Snack" had hidden in that same place that Kashy had hidden, and wasn't eating. We had to stop traumatized cats from getting in there behind the table-cupboard that holds up Pepper's cage. It is so much easier for me do things when it is high up. We got the cage down, and I found a piece of paneling, and screwed a 1x1" on the wall, and screwed a piece of paneling onto the side of it, so that they couldn't get behind there any more. I didn't want to screw the paneling on furniture, as I can always fill up those tiny holes in the sheetrock with some spackle.

Next, we got my electric mattress pad down from the top of the linen cupboard, as I don't climb on step ladders when I am on my own. It won't be so cold the next few nights, but I was changing the sheets anyway, so it was a good time to do it. While we had the little step ladder in the house, Ray put a bunch of summer stuff up for me, way at the top of my closet.

Ray disconnected the Extend-a-Stay, and extra propane tank off the TransStar. We had installed that during Ike, to run the gas refrigerator. I drove it out of it's RVport to the other driveway and backed it front of the HiLo. Ray got the blower out and got the pine needles out of the RVport. We found milk crates, buckets and saw horses, and put door slabs on them in the RVport. I even have one on four tires that are for sale. Gee, I never thought I would have a yard sale without my 10 tables.

As the TransStar is wider than the Little Van that used to be in front of the HiLo, the walk through space is narrower, so Ray took the broken ladder off Pugsy, the vintage MH, as we might have hung ourselves up on the sharp edges. That got broken when it was down at my son's place.

While he was doing that, I started to get the big dog carrier ready for Snack. Kenya said she would be fine in there, as she had plenty of room for a box, food, water and a bed. There was no way I could keep on getting up and down on my knees to tend to her, so Ray brought a table in to put it on. I have it facing the glass door into my kitchen so I can keep an eye on her. I took this picture of her inside the carrier. She will get more NutriCal and water tonight.

Then the HiLo guy emailed he might make it this Wednesday. Golly, I thought I had next week to finish it up. So I will be sewing drapes again tonight.

Another "I should have worn my pedometer", busy, but chilly, sunny day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Things look like they are coming together for you. You really do good work. I wish I had the time to do all you do!!