Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Troubles from Ike. BANG! "Foxy" Arrives.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and the power was out, and it was raining. When I got up, it was still out. I lit a candle, and turned on the little battery touch-light stuck up in my vent-a-hood. I got ready to measure the water to go in the kettle to heat on the gas stove to pour through the coffee maker's basket, and the power came on.

Good, I let the coffee maker do it's thing electrically. A little while later, while I was drinking my coffee and checking my emails, the power went out again. I reached down and turned off the surge protector bar to my computer, printer, cable modem and TV, thank goodness. I went into the bathroom and the power came back on for a second, very dim, like a brown out, and went out again. I heard, and could see, a great big orange explosion on the pole across the road. The pole in the background in the picture.

These big bushes are the ones that are beside my place, and we were hoping that big transformer wouldn't come down on us during Ike. The repair men who had been working on the big transformer at the front of the subdivision, had only been gone about 20 minutes, so I called the light company, and told them what had happened. It wasn't long before they came back to work on the transformer, again.

We had no power, but we had water, so Ray and I started to do more clean-up from Ike. The rain last night had littered the side yard with more debris out of the trees. I raked that up while Ray washed the Little Van, it was filthy, green algae all over the roof, and bits and debris from the trees all over it. I cleaned and scrubbed some more of the outside tables, chairs, and some other stuff that I wanted to advertise. We had to use bleach and Super Clean on everything to get it clean.

Then we tackled the front porch where my front door is. The storm had made the white siding so grubby from the rain, dirt, and mud swirling around in Ike's high winds. Before the eye of the storm went through, the winds were coming from the NE, but afterwards they were coming from the south and that is what made everything on the front so dirty.

The boom trucks were finished working on the transformer, and one guy went across the street to the pole that had exploded to turn the power on. He had one of those long poles that puts the fuse back in place, and the fuse and everything fell apart. So then they fixed it, and we had power again. It seems that in the night damaged trees weighted down with the rain, had fallen on the lines. Here is a picture from my front door of the tree trucks gathered in a covey, down our main drag. So we are still getting damage from Ike, three and a half weeks later.

Kenya brought the little isolation kitten, Foxy, and we went through the routine of her meds and care. Here she is in Isolation. She has come out of her bed, and is laying in her box. I think that she can see Animal Planet on the grooming room TV better from that angle. She ate well, and is doing well for what she has been through. She weighs just under 2 lb at nearly four moths old. Pitiful what some folks will do to animals. It ought to be done to them for punishment.

Bobcat cannot go anywhere near her, which she won't, as Bobcat never goes in that part of the house. Foxy cannot come out of the cage for another week. I just hope that I don't slip up somewhere and give it to Bobcat. I haven't touched the kitty yet, but when I feed her, and give her her meds, tonight I will don a gown and gloves, pet her, hold her, and sanitize everything before I go back into our part of the house.

A still recovering from Ike day.

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