Monday, October 27, 2008

More Drapes. Life's Little Bumps, and Bobbins.

Another chilly morning, long sleeves required. It didn't even reach 70 deg. today. The wind is blowing from the north right across the fields behind my house. It is going to be 34 deg. tonight.

Ray unpicked a couple more mounting tapes off the remnants of the old drapes, while I copied some instructions off the Yahoo HiLo Group. I thought we might get to grease the HiLo cables today, but time just flew by, and maybe we can get it done tomorrow.

Ray mowed, while I sewed the mounting tapes on two pairs of drapes. Everything went wrong. The needle broke and the bottom adjustment on the sewing machine slipped. That caused the front side of the sewing to have skips and loops, so I had to unpick it. Finally got the right adjustment on the machine and was sewing away, and found one of the drape carriers had slipped out, so had to unpick that part of the mounting tape, and sew it back on again. Bobbin ran out of thread, and the bobbin winder didn't work right, and got the thread so messed up on it that I had to get another bobbin, and wind it on another machine. Then I couldn't get the needle re-threaded, the thread just had a mind of it's own and wouldn't go through the hole. But I finally got it done, with a struggle ! I had finished the door drapes yesterday, as they go on a rod, which we mounted.

Ray was having problems outside, too. The spin-wing-nut and bolt that holds the lawnmower handle in the up position, came off, and he couldn't find the bolt. He tied it together with some rope as he was nearly done. We have to fold the mower down to get it into it's 'garage'.

We got the two pairs of drapes on their mounting strips, and anchored them at each end so they wouldn't slip off. Behind the cabinets, we put in screws with a stubby screwdriver, but tacked a staple where the pneumatic staple gun would reach, on the others. Two more windows, and a little drape to go over the back window where the AC is, and it will be done.

I found a bolt that fit the wing-nut on the mower. That will hold it together for now. Ray wanted to trim the grass next to the landscape timbers around Princess' grave. (His and Shay's late Lab). The weed wacker ran out of string, so he had to rewind that bobbin first.

"Snack", the cat is still hiding, but I know where she is. Pepper ignores her.

A sunny, but chilly day.

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