Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not Much Going On Today.

Here is my front door area that we cleaned yesterday. The gate is open so that you can see. Normally it is kept closed so that dogs will come out of the grooming room, down the walk way on the left side of the house, into the back yard. My backyard is on the north, and I am high on a hill with fields behind me, and there is a cutting north wind in the winter, so I didn't want a door on the back. I have my back door on the other side of the house. Even in the heat of summer there is always some shade in my back yard.

I have spent some of the morning and afternoon updating ads that I have on different sites. Then still trying to get this emailing albums problem fixed on this computer, and "Navigation to the page was cancelled", and "This program cannot display the webpage"!! Seems to be since I had the new Windows XP put in it. I wish I knew how to fix this thing!

It was still chilly mid morning, when I went into Conroe to meet Kenya, but it soon warmed up and I had to run the AC on the way home. She had some eye drops for the little kitten that is in isolation in my middle room. It is a very sweet kitty, and loves attention, purrs it's thanks, but I have to don a gown and gloves to hold it three times a day when I feed and medicate it. Hopefully that will not be necessary next week, after it's vet check, and it can come out of the isolation cage. It is a clean, loving, pretty, fluffy, long hair silver tabby. I do hope that it gets a good forever home.

While I was in town I got a few more things, and came home to struggle with this computer again.

No work outside got done today.

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