Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Done to HiLo. NO plastic dishes for Cats !

When I let Bobcat out of her carrier in the living room yesterday evening, she walked around like a drunken sailor for quite a while. But she kept on sitting by her food bowl, she was ravenous. I knew she shouldn't eat too much after the anaesthetic, so fed her small amounts at intervals. I have to put some ointment on her chin twice a day, and you know that is going over like a lead balloon. She seems to know it is about time for me to do it again, so she thinks she is hiding, but I know where she is ! Talk about emus putting their heads in the sand so that you can't see them.

If she was feeling up to snuff, she would be emailing all her friends and telling them about her "operation". LOL

Ray and I just titivated and tinkered with the HiLo. We did some more cleaning here and there. Some time ago I had started to tape up the metal strip between the white and beige, as Shay was going to paint the beige. Other things happened and it never got done at that time. We were all so busy with getting other RVs ready, it got forgotten. Oh, boy was that tape difficult to get off today. Ray and I took turns cleaning it with Goof Off, and a green scrubby. I know my fingers are sore.

Seven screws on the outside had rusted and left rust marks on the white part of the trailer. Not bad after 40 years. Ray took them out, cleaned the area and put new shiny screws back in. As it is a vintage trailer we have to use screws like the originals, and a square head bit.

There were a few scratches on the white paint, the part that we hadn't painted, and there were screws there that we didn't want to get splattered with paint. So we dabbed vaseline on the screws with an artist brush so that the paint wouldn't stick to them, and spray painted the scratches away. Just little things like that, make it look so much better.

The tongue had been painted with Black Hammered paint a long time ago, and we started to get the propane tank rack back on. We couldn't find the original bolts, but I finally found some that fit, in the shed. Everything that was taken off that trailer was supposed to be in a bin inside it, but someone took it out, and we still cannot find one cosmetic part that covers the brake system. I must have spent an hour looking for it. I had asked Jay to paint it, but it never got done, and I just don't know where it is. I always keep everything where I know just where it is, so it is very frustrating.

Kenya, my SPCA boss, came to borrow 10 yard sale tables, and display bins for a yard sale that 'Rescue in The Woodlands' and the Montgomery County SPCA are putting on this weekend, on Sawdust Road, The Woodlands, TX. I also gave her some baby baths, car seats, playpen, and suitcases of clothes for this sale, just to get them out of the way. This isn't the great big sale that our county's SPCA will be putting on in November. I am hoping to donate a lot of stuff to that one. It was strange to see Kenya's van not loaded down with animal cages.

I spent some time researching what could have happened to Bobcat to cause this $175 abscess on her chin. One thing that kept on cropping up was that you shouldn't use plastic dishes for cats, or dogs. Bobcat has never used plastic dishes, I have three small Bavarian china bowls, and those are hers. It also said that some cats are not good about washing their chins, and that can start problems, and that one should wash their little faces with a washcloth and Cetaphil after they eat. Yeah, I can see her letting me do that !

Another theory was that she wasn't getting enough Vitamin E, or some food allergy. She has always had good food, not the kind you buy at the grocery store which is mostly corn and fillers, cheap to make, and after the almighty buck. The good dry brand that she has been eating for years changed their formula a year or so ago, and I found a lot of complaints about that brand on the Internet. A lot of the pet food manufacturers changed their formulas after that pet food scare last year.

So when Kenya called from Petco that she was on her way as the adoption she was doing, was done, I asked her what kind of food should I get for Bobcat. She had switched all her cats to Royal Canin, and she said they were doing a lot better on it, and would bring me some. So we will see if this helps Bobcat. She is usually picky, like most cats, but she liked the little bit I gave her. Mustn't give them all their diet of new food, as it can upset their tummies.

Another good thing. "Orange Glow", the lovely big orange tabby who has made his home here, got vaccinated today. Kenya is making arrangements to get him fixed, but he had to have his shots first. He was ever so good about it, Kenya was very surprised what a gentle, loving cat he is, for being a scared, wild stray when he first arrived.

Another lovely sunny, no AC day.

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Jim and Dee said...

That's a great picture of Bobcat at the PC. That's precious, just like all of us in the chatroom.