Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dogs and more dogs. Why all at once !

Jay's mother and her neighbor were going to a casino for a couple of days , so her neighbor brought Muffie to be boarded, and groomed at 7.30 am. I had food to feed the ducks and fish, so I said that I would pick up MaeMae at Jay's mother's house on the way. Because his mother was leaving, Jay wanted to go to the lake with me. I had my new camera phone with me, and I thought I had taken some good shots of the lake, and the ducks and geese that came to feed. But I will have to study the phone some more, as I can't find them !

Then Jay wanted to come back here, so I let him. I had told Sam that I would pick up his poodle on the way back here, as Sam wanted Mikey to be bathed when I had time. When I picked Mikey up Sam said that he wanted him to be groomed, too. I brought Mikey here, but then I realized that there was no way I had four hours laying around unspoken for, to groom him too. Just a bath and brush/fluff dry wouldn't take but about an hour. I put his Revolution on him, and took him back to Sam, and said I would groom him on Sunday. I was already booked to groom Muffie, and she is a little sod to do, and takes a lot of time. I needed to get her done today, as tomorrow Mindi is boarding her five poodles here for 2 days, and I have to groom at least three of them while they are here. That is in between all the other things that I have to do !

As Jay was here, he wanted to work a little bit, and there were a couple of things that he could do better than Ray. We found some dainty RV size wooden trim as there are a couple of places that need it in the HiLo. We got that measured, cut, mitre cut, and dry fit it. Then we made a toilet lid for the HiLo. When I was in Lowes one day I had picked up a demo toilet seat for $1.00. It looked like there might be a way to use the lid off it. Well, there was. We used parts off the original HiLo toilet seat where the lid was broken off, and used dowel through the metal rod from the one from Lowes. We had to kind of "scrape/drag/saw" a 1/2" circle around the dowel in two places to make it narrower there, to accept the toilet pins from the HiLo one, but somehow a plan all came together, and it worked !

Then I took Jay back to his mother's home as he had to meet a tree cutter who was going to cut a humongous tree off her Ike demolished shed.

The county's tree cutting crews had to come back today and clear more fallen branches off the lines along the roads today. Still getting repercussions from Ike.

By that time Ray was back from a job down the freeway, so he sanded, and stained the wooden trim that we had cut for the HiLo. Then he primed and painted a couple of wooden steps that we use for me to get my poor old knees in and out of these RVs. One for the HiLo, and one for side of the Little Van. As I have folks coming to look at the RVs, I didn't want those old steps looking scruffy. He also touched up the paint on the original HiLo toilet seat.

While Ray was doing all that, I was trying to get Muffie cut down enough for her bath. As soon as the dogs have had their bath, and are dry, I clip their feet, especially between the pads on the bottom of their feet. They cannot go out again until I have done their feet, or the dirt would ruin my clipper blades.

Blow me down! Someone emails that they want to come and see the van. So I couldn't bathe Muffie, as I knew I wouldn't have time to do her feet, too. I went out and started the van, just to make sure it was OK, and that the AC worked. They were late, and I would have had time to do that much to Muffie tonight, darn it. By the time they left, it was too late, so now I will have to do her in the morning, when I have Mindi's to do too.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

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