Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yesterday & Today: Getting HiLo Ready

About Oct. 14th. 2008, written on 15th.
Ray and I did a few odd jobs on the HiLo, hopefully getting it ready for it's new owner. Gee, if I don't write it down each day, I can't remember what we did !! Oh, yes, Ray vacuumed out all the storage under the dinette and gaucho, while I wiped down the countertops and everything.

While we had the gaucho couch/bed all tipped up we straightened up under there. This is where the converter/500 watt inverter is, that I had hurriedly tried to use when the power was out to charge up my laptop. I had chickened out as it is square sine wave, not true sine wave and I didn't want to take the chance on hurting my laptop, also I didn't quite know how to use it. Ray and I found out that when it is plugged into one of the outlets above it, a light comes on, and then it will charge the battery. I had been attaching my little trickle charger that I keep in the B+, to charge it !! We got the inverter into the built-in wooden rack under there, where it seemed to be logical, so that the front of it is facing the opening door under the gaucho, and ran the cord up behind everything so it would be easy to plug it in.

When I first got the trailer, Shay had cleaned it, but we could see that the door gasket on the fridge had never been cleaned with a toothbrush in the little grooves, so we got that done. Jay was supposed to have screwed the front awning arms onto the trailer, but the screws were coming out already. The slide bars on the front awning needed attention, too. The old wingbolts were rusty, and didn't work right, that's why we had a stick between the tongue jack and the awning, to hold it up... very hillbilly. I knew I had to go into town that afternoon, so I took samples of what I needed.

The Post Office was closed on Monday, so yesterday was my Aloe Mailing Day. I keep a ruler with the different lengths of aloe that I advertise, marked on it, and went around measuring plants. I found the 11" ones that I wanted, and then as a bonus I include 5 smaller offshoots or pups, so I found five 5" ones for each order. I got them all washed, wrapped, and packed in the tubes I make out of cutting up heavy duty cat litter boxes. Off to the Post Office. The only thing I could find for the front awning at our local hardware store were some 1/4" thumb screws.

By the time I had been to the Post Office, hardware and grocery stores, it was getting late and I had some bill paying to do online, more stuff to list for sale, and didn't get to write this journal.

Oct. 15th. 2008
Today, first thing, Ray and I donned gowns, gloves and carried the cage that the isolation kitty had been in, outside to our washing area. I quickly sprayed it down with bleach water. I didn't have to worry about rinsing it, as we knew it was threatening to rain.
We worked on the HiLo awning for a while. We had to take the awning arm off, the end that Jay had screwed on there was falling off anyway ! We took it into the workshop and drilled out the old rusty wingbolt, tried out the thumbscrews, and found out that they weren't long enough. They were the longest ones they had at our local hardware store, or I would have got longer.

It started spitting rain, so we went into the HiLo and we got the original recirculating toilet back in there, and bolted down. Jay and I had done a pretty good job of installing a seat lid on it. Getting the toilet bolted down was a job. Ray's hands wouldn't fit under there to start the nuts. I got on the floor, laying on a pad, and managed to hold my hand, palm up, with the nut wedged between my first and second fingers, and somehow got it started on the bolts. Once I had done that, Ray could tighten them up with an open end wrench. Good, another job 'jobbed'.

Then it started to pour, so we came inside to get some other jobs done. The blades on the ceiling fans hadn't been cleaned for two months, nor the air cleaners. We made new stuffing for the boxes that the original air cleaner filters came in. Frugal me, I just buy good furnace filters, and cut them up to fit. New filters for one of these air cleaners are $50. Then we cleaned the ceiling fans, and the front and filter to the AC.

By then it was time to quit, and I still have to go into the next town to get more parts for tomorrow. I will do my Wednesday trip on a Tuesday !!

PS: NOT !! I just looked out at the main road from my back window. I don't think I want to get on those slick streets in the rain. It seems very gloomy, everyone is running with their lights on, and hurrying to get home. I think I will just stay out of their way, and go tomorrow morning. Shame really, I was going to treat myself to a dinner out.

Had to have the AC on, this humid, rainy day.

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