Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Cell Phones. Aloe. Remembering Susan. Word Pad.

Ray came over and fiddled with my new cell phone. He had been studying the book on them to learn how to use his. I wanted to know how to turn on the speaker, and I wanted a ringtone that would be able to be heard when it was in my purse. I don't use my cellphone much, but I do want to be able to hear it if it rings. My first cell phone was so simple, why do they have to make everything so difficult nowadays ! My new house phone is the same way.
This is the test picture I took in the bank's parking lot yesterday with my new camera phone. Not too bad.

The four cats, inside and outside ones, Ray's, Shay's and mine, all got their Revolution, (flea, heartworm, earmite, mange, etc. control), so that's done for another month. The fourth is another 'come-along' cat. He has been here for a while and is very sweet. He is called "Orange Glow" or "Booger", and knows he has a good home here, and appreciates it.

I had to send off four batches of aloe, so I got that all weighed and packed. It can only be up to 13 oz. for First Class. One lady wanted some for her father's birthday, as he has cancer and swears by aloe gel for the radiation burns, so I sent it Priority. The Post Office is open 10-12 on Saturdays here.

Then I finally got to Kroger's to get a few more things. This re-stocking after losing all the cold and frozen food is something else. But that is a lot better than those who lost their homes. I couldn't go through that again. I still didn't buy any meat. The stores are not having any specials on meat, as they know everyone has got to buy it. Ike's power outage went far and wide. I have plenty of canned meat and fish goods on my canned food racks, that need to be used up in date order.
I found a great recipe for salmon patties on AOL Food, but the minute I opened the can, I had Bobcat all over me. She has never had any real salmon that I know of, so how did she know she liked it ? Her presciption food used to come in salmon, maybe it smells the same.

The ins. man wanted a list of all the food that I had lost. So I started one on Word Pad, which I found through one of Chris' videos I had never used it before, as I never had computer lessons. If I wanted to write a letter, I clicked on 'write' for an email, wrote what I wanted, didn't send it anywhere but printed it out. That was the way I figured out to do it. So I had this list started on Word Pad, I had 'saved' and named it, but I didn't know how to get back to it. Fortunately my daughter, 46, has had to learn how to use a computer, and we got a desktop icon for my list. She calls me every Saturday morning, God bless her.

This is a very bad time of year for us, as this would have been my granddaughter's 28th. birthday. She died from her head injuries after 18 days in a coma, on Valentine's Day 2006. She was hit by a DDD (dam drunk driver), at age 25, and left behind two toddler boys. The DDD is finally in prison, but will get out soon. Then he has to do 10 years probation, pay restitution, do community service and has to clean the crosses on the sides of the roads, but NOT Susan's, as we didn't want him touching hers. Susan we miss you. PLEASE don't drink and drive, ever.

Yesterday I saw a really neat generator at Home Depot. It was 17KW and looked just like a big chest freezer. Ray thought that $3,600 was too much, until I told him how much it would cost to replace my little 4KW Onan in the B+ !!

Kind of a laid back sunny day.


Debbie and Rod said...


So sorry about your granddaughter. I don't blame you one bit for not wanting that man to touch her cross. I wouldn't want that either. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, death is never easy and when they are taken so early it makes it even harder...condolences to you and yours...
Love the pic with your new camera phone---I wish I knew how to work mine.

I love word pad - just make a folder on your desktop and save everything there - ou've got it in one place....

Jenny J