Friday, October 3, 2008

Unexpected New Cell Phone with Camera

Ray came over to pay his rent, we added up the hours he worked for Sept. and then he pays me the balance. I already had his light, water, and phone bills ready, and so we got that figured out.

I pay his bills, and cell phone, online when I pay mine, and he had been going way over his minutes lately. I told him about a plan that I had found a long time ago, and we searched for it on Verizon's page. I remembered that it had taken me quite a while to find this special deal, as it wasn't advertised in their normal line up. Then I remembered that I had printed it out, and I found that piece of paper, even after 13 months ! We called them and he got twice as many minutes for $10 more.

Then the lady said that he would get $100 credit on a new phone. His is old, and not charging too well, so we went into the next town to the Verizon store to look at the phones, and go to his bank. The one he picked out was a "twofer", so we each got one, with a two year renewal. I asked them if that would change my plan, as they don't offer it any more, and they said that my plan would stay the same. Great, I have them locked into two more years of my $20 a month (TX only) plan ! (I use my house phone mostly, and I have 2 cents a minute Long Distance.)
They moved all our contact numbers from the old phones to the new ones, and off we went to the bank.

While I was waiting for Ray at his bank, I took a picture with my new phone. I have never had a camera phone before, so this was another learning experience for this old gal who was raised in Box Brownie days. I even figured out how to see it full screen ! But it wasn't until I was on the phone with Verizon, after I got home, that they told me how to get the picture into my computer. When I looked at it on the computer screen, I was very surprised how clear it was. That will be handy.

Then Kenya called and said that she wasn't bringing the isolation kitten, Foxy, or Proxy, this afternoon as she was having to wait on someone to bring another animal, and they were late.

Ray's phone didn't work right, and he had to go all the way back to the next town. The Verizon store couldn't fix it and they replaced it with another phone. They wanted $30 each for car chargers, and I got us 2 for $7.46, shipping included, on eBay. My old phone's car charger I bought at Dollar General for $5, so I knew $30 was too much.

Bloggers picture thingy seems to be down, so a pictureless day.

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