Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Sewing. HiLo with All Lights Working.

It was chilly last night, and this is the first day I have worn a T-shirt instead of a tank top, since last April. I started sewing early, about 7.30. I found a gathering foot in a box of attachments from previous sewing machines. I tried it out, and it worked well, so I got the green part of the door drape gathered, and sewn onto the white part.

I had a couple coming to look at the Little Van at 10. am, but they were late as there was some tie-up on the freeway, so I kept on sewing. They loved the van, said what lovely shape it is in, he tried everything out, and he drove it several miles, but we couldn't agree on a price. He says it is listed on Kelley's, but I never could find any camping vans on there, so I have to go with the NADA on it, and I am asking a $1,000 less than book. He even called me about an hour later with a counter offer, but it was still just a little bit less than what I am prepared to take. Tomorrow, someone else is supposed to look at it, if they show up.

Jim came up on his golf cart while they were here, so he could tell them the details of the work he had done on it. He came to tell me that we needed lenses for the HiLo running lights, and he had found some over in Cut-N-Shoot, TX. I knew exactly which store he was talking about as my late Johnnie got all his parts there, as his shop was in that area. I said I would be parts runner, after lunch.

I went to get the lenses in the Puddle Jumper, with no AC, and I wished I was wearing a tank top after all. The sun is low, shines in the windows and makes the car hot. I didn't see anybody driving with their windows down, which surprised me as it is really a lovely day. I took the lenses straight to Jim, we snapped them on, and he drove my truck and the HiLo here, and put it in the side driveway for me. As he was backing up I could see one brake light wasn't working, so we got out tools, new screws, and a bulb from my workshop, and we fixed it right here.

One problem that we encountered yesterday was that when we had moved the spare tire over to make room for the AC, the tire covered the license plate when the trailer was lowered. Jim took off the tire mount, and cut it down with his flaming hacksaw, and welded it back together.

I had to raise the trailer a little just before I took this picture today, as I had to plug in the converter which you have to do inside. I should have taken it while the trailer was still down in the traveling mode. Maybe you can tell that the wheel mount is lowered, and moved right, but nothing is in the way of anything now.

All that is left to do is get the drapes installed, but I don't think I can get them done today.

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