Saturday, August 1, 2009

They are Ruining our Mtns. Migraine Reliever. Stove Done

It was still humid after all the rain. Ray and I had intended to finish up with the Mirage drapes, but my neighbor across the street was burning some pine needles. I called our local Fire Marshall's Office, as they have a recording about the Burn Ban, and it said that it was temporarily suspended for two days.
We sprung into action, and strung the water hose out there. We had so much old floor, and carpet that we had taken out of the Coronado, and other parts of it, plus bags and bags of pine needles, that we spent all morning burning it all. The rocker-recliner that was in there, we took all the foam out and put it in a trash bag, and burned the chair. There are so many nails and things that we will have to go through the ashes with a magnet to get all the metal out. We couldn't go around to the other side of the house to work on the Mirage, as we couldn't keep an eye on the fire from there. So we finished up the little stove.

Look what is happening to some mountain tops:
"Mountaintop-removal/valley-fill mining results in the complete removal of the top of a mountain in order to reach hidden coal seams. Millions of tons of dirt and rock that formerly composed the mountaintop are dumped into surrounding valleys, burying streams and their aquatic life forever, and impacting headwaters that supply drinking water for millions of people. More than 1,200 miles of streams and river valleys in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee have been turned into barren moonscapes by mountaintop mining activities so far, and more is planned. THIS MUST STOP!"

I am fortunate, I don't get headaches, but I know several folks that get migraines. I thought this might be of help to them, I hope so:

I hope that you are having a great day.

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