Monday, August 3, 2009

First of The Month List. Dinnertime Theme Today.

It was too hot to think about working outside, and I just wanted to rest up my aching bod, and not go in and out of the Mirage today. So Ray and I started on the "First Of The Month List".

We cleaned the filters in the AC's and air cleaners, vacuumed the
ceiling fan blades, washed several things, and just generally got odd inside jobs done. We didn't even check the vehicle's tires today, just didn't want to go outside.

After lunch, I ventured into town to get the right acorn nuts for the Mirage, and several things from the
grocery store. I bought some turnip greens for the tortoise that
Jay found, too.
Every time that I could, I parked in a shady spot, even if it was a good walk to the store, that is how I get more exercise! Just walking around some stores puts more mileage on you!

I keep on trying to get the Live Writer going, but I haven't got it working yet. The pictures are supposed to be so much easier to
I haven't even started making my dinner, that is what made me
think of a dinner theme, today

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