Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Storm Knocks Out Power. Sunshades. Groomed MaeMae

It was overcast as the dawn broke. The cats were out on the screen porch first thing, but they didn't like being out there with thunder in the distance.

Ray floated the last part of his bathroom floor, so that the final piece of linoleum in a little hallway that has the shower on one side and the side of a closet on the other, could get done.

I picked up Jay and MaeMae, and we tried to figure out what we could do with a storm approaching. I had bathed MaeMae and dried her with the dog dryer, just as the storm started. We watched it pour off the roof, the lights were flickering, then the power went off. So I couldn't finish grooming her, as I discarded my manual clippers 45 years ago!

So we started replacing some of the sunshades around here. First, we did the one on the front porch. That keeps a lot of heat out of there. Then as the rain slacked off a bit, we replaced the one over Ray and Shay's little sitting area in front of the guest house. If you enlarge it, you can see the Mirage up in the front of the RVport, with my minivan behind it.

We were able to do this job as all the cordless drivers were charged up, and my ladders don't use electricity! We didn't get to do the one over the Puddle Jumper as the power came back on, so I continued grooming MaeMae. Jay sorted out some lumber, and got it all filed in length order over at the side of the house. He cannot be in my house when I am grooming MaeMae, as she will not hold still when he is around. Then I took them home. There were a few branches knocked out of the trees on the way, but they had been moved to the side of the roads.

It was so humid after the storm, that I had to turn the AC way down, just to get rid of it.

As least the plants are happy that it rained today.

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