Monday, August 31, 2009

Claudia Upset. 4 Years Ago We Saw The Devastion

Another sunny day, and work to be done. But Jay had to go into the next town, and as his mother, Claudia, is not very well today, I had to take him. Claudia just found out that even with the new liver, and the cancer gone, that she has Hepatitis C again. She got it from some blood transfusions in the 80's before they checked blood for Hep. C. She will have to have chemotherapy all over again. She was so sick the last time.

Ray worked on the Mirage, there was one of the brown stripes that the PO had painted over with white, so he taped it up, and painted it on again, while we were gone.

As Jay and I were winding our way to where his bills needed to be paid, we stopped at a couple of thrift shops. Jay wanted a bicycle. He still can't drive his Toyota 4-Runner as he has no licence. At one thrift shop he bought a window AC. He needed one that was 17" or less, wide, and this one is 16". That is rare. We both bought a few other little items, too. Then we went to pawn shops. At the third one he bought a bike, and I replaced my worn out gold necklace. I had worn it nonstop for many years, and the links were getting so thin that I didn't dare wear it anymore. Jay knew that he would have to buy a bike while he was in my minivan, as his mother has a car.

By this day 4 years ago, Hurricane Katrina had dissipated and we could see the devastation that it left on the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi. The Superdome was housing thousands of evacuees, and it got flooded too when the levees broke. The northbound I-45 freeway was jam packed with non moving traffic, and people were dying from the heat. It was a terrible disaster. Now they have evacuation routes where both sides of the freeway can be made northbound. Then Hurricane Rita was on Katrina's tail, and hit one week later.

At least we know when they are coming. I wouldn't want to live in "Quake Country"!

The grass is green, and there was no more rain today.

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