Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bathroom Done. Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

It is still hot and muggy, and the compressor hardly stops on the AC. I was going into town to the grocery store this afternoon, but then thought better of getting out in the heat.

As usual, if your glasses can't read the fine print on the pictures, click to enlarge.

Ray and I started early, and got the second part of the lino down. Then we got the shelves and vanity moved back in there, and all hooked up. Ray got a call that Shay needed to picked up early, so it was a rush, and I didn't get any pictures.

I sold the two storey cat house, the one that we put the skylight in the top, as I don't use it any more. It went to a home where they have lots of cats, all fixed, and they needed more cat houses on their porch.

Then I just spent a lot of time trying to go through a bunch of mail, laundry, and other mundane things, while half-way watching "Ice Truckers" on History Channel. Gee, I wouldn't want to be there in that cold, but there is some lovely scenery up there in Alaska.

A quiet Sunday.

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