Thursday, August 27, 2009

Groomed Muffie. Animal Rights & Prisoners.

Ray and Jay were busy doing other things today, which was a good thing as I had Muffie to groom.
She is the worst one I have to groom, so I have to take my time, and try not have anything else going on to make her wiggle even more.
These are 'country' dogs, so their folks want them cut short. Muffie usually carries her tail over her back like a fan, but she drooped it here. While I was taking pictures of Muffie, one looking up adoringly, I took some of MaeMae, the tortoise and Jay's fish. Poor little old MaeMae, her mouth looks crooked since she had to have all those teeth out. The AA batteries are to show how big "Teacher" ('cos he 'taught us') is.
Then one of Jay's aquarium. The black fish with the red markings is an Oscar, and he will get very big.

While I was checking my emails, there was this picture of animals being used for experiments. Like someone said, why can't they use the prisoners on death row for that, and leave the innocent animals alone? From what I understand it costs $47,000 to house each prisoner p.a. We pay more for the death row prisoners to be housed, so why can't they earn their keep, like the rest of us? In my humble opinion, it might be a big deterrent to crime. Also from what I understand, they have less crime rate in the countries that don't have such cushy prisons as we have.

So this was my "save the animals" day.

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