Sunday, August 2, 2009

Washer Recall. Not Much Going On Today.

It was very humid today, and I was still feeling sore and stiff from taking the anti-biotics. I knew that if I had to function today, I had to get rid of some of the pain, so I took some Aleve. I have been on the anti-biotics for a month now, and I am getting more achy, tired, and sore each day.

Ray and I tried to get the acorn nuts on the bolts that we used for the Mirage drapery hardware, and discovered that they had given us the wrong thread, 32 instead of 24. No wonder that they wouldn't screw on the bolts, so I will have to go back to the store. We tied some string across the inside, and hung one unfinished drape over it to see a mock up of how the drapes will look. I will have to alter my drape pattern a little bit. All those curves in there make it difficult.

We raked the burn pile into a neat pile, and got some of the metal to one side, but it was too hot to touch it, as it was still glowing down at the bottom of the pile. I hate having to have a burn pile again, I thought that curb trash service would be nice, but now we have nowhere to get rid of the pine needles except to burn them, as they won't take them.

We did a couple of jobs with the little carpet cleaner. Got some spots off mine in the house, and did the cab of the Mirage.

After lunch I knew that I had to look into the side effects that I was having from the medcine, and I came across this site: and found out that others had had the safe side effect. I have had enough of feeling bad, not sleeping well, and I am not going to take them anymore.

Just like checking the recalls on RV fridges, here is one you need to check for your washer:

Here is a dancing doggie to brighten your day:

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