Friday, August 21, 2009

Floor Fixed. R.I.P Barney

Today, as usual it was hot and humid. Ray and I moved the shelves that are each side of the vanity out into my storeroom which is next to their utility room. Then undid the faucet plumbing, and got the vanity top out of there. We had to cut the PVC and CPVC pipes to the faucet and drain with a little cable cutter, then lift the vanity cabinet up and over the pipes, and got that in my store room too. Whoever had installed that vanity didn't know what they were doing. There were big holes cut in the floor, and something had made a nest under the vanity!!

We set the circular saw to 3/4" depth, so we wouldn't cut the floor joists, and cut the bad part out of the floor. We put cross bracing in between the joists, as this is a walking area, to make it extra strong. Then cut the plywood and plopped it into place, and screwed it down. We got some flashing, made 'meese-proofings' around the plumbing, and then caulked it. Even a roach can't get in there now. We didn't do it "Hillbilly" with old license plates!

I don't usually perspire, "Glow", as Orson Wells said about ladies perspiring, but it was dripping off my forehead. We had the bathroom door closed to the air conditioned part of the apartment, windows open in the bathroom, the back door out of the bathroom open into the utility room, and then the back door from the utility room going outside, open. But even with all that, and a fan going, it was HOT.

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Barney, my friend's St. Bernard, went to 'sleep' today. He was a great comfort, companion and friend, to my 'hooman' friend. Everywhere they went, all over the US in their RV, Barney was loved, by man and beast.

This is a sad day.

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Leno said...

Oh, so sorry about Barney..