Friday, August 7, 2009

Inflation Day! 35 Years Ago.

No, nothing to do with prices going up. We had got the compressor out of it's hidey hole when we were doing the "First Of The Month" list, as we had intended to check all the tires then, but didn't get it done. Mine is the same type of compressor that Howard has ( I have had mine for years, bought it off eBay. It is the 150 psi model, as Howard points out in his journal the 125 psi one just doesn't cut it with RV tires. I even have used an air nailer, air stapler, and air ratchet wrench with mine. We use the little "blowing" tool to clean up things often. Can't imagine being without it.

As the foster cats were still on the porch, with the screen patio door closed, it was a good time to go up into my attic . The disappearing attic stairs are in the dog room, so usually I have to lock the cats in their cages to go up there. Gosh, if one or both got up there, it would be a dickens of a job to get them down! There were still sheets of foam insulation, and birch paneling that I had bought for the Coronado, stored in the TranStar which needed to be moved up there. I couldn't get to any of my cupboards in the TranStar. Ray and I got all that put away, and then started on the tires. I didn't let the buyer of the Coronado have the birch, as he said he was going to do it in light oak. I sure hope he sends pictures like he said he would.

Some tires hadn't been done as often as they should. The rear TranStar ones took the longest time, as someone in their infinite "wisdom", had made it so that one has to remove the wheel cover to get to the valve stems. To remove it, first remove two of the chrome lug nut covers, get out the tire tool and a cheater pipe, undo two of the lug nuts to get it off, then air up the tires, and put it back together again. We even remember to air up the spare on it, I know it hadn't been checked for years. It also has Firestone RideRite rear airbags. By the time we had done the TranStar, Pugsy, (the vintage motor home), the Mirage motor home, two utility trailers, the Aerostar, the little Puddle Jumper station wagon, the hand truck, and the little red (now black) wagon it was time to quit.

Aug 7th 2009 By Adam K. Raymond
35 Years Since Petit Walked Twin Towers.
"Thirty-five years ago today, a batsh*t nuts Frenchman strung a wire between the Twin Towers and did what any batsh*t nuts Frenchman would do -- he walked across it. Philippe Petit's exploits were put on film last year in the amazing documentary "Man on Wire," in which he showed that he's not just insane but is also an inspirational dreamer with the kind of childlike enthusiasm that could only come from someone who lists his occupation as "high-wire artist.""

Little did we know what would happen nearly 8 years ago, when this happened 35 years ago today.

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