Friday, August 14, 2009

New AC. Visit with Gr.Daughter. More Shots.

My youngest granddaughter, Michelle, 17, my son’s daughter, was coming to visit today.
Yesterday around noon the fan had quit on the living room AC, so while I was in town yesterday, I bought a new AC. The old AC was at least 7 years old, and so it was time to replace it. I have lost one house to a fire, (and one to a flood) and I never want to see my home in ashes again, so I would rather buy a new AC, than get the old one fixed. ACs and TVs are part of the throw-away attitude anyway.
As I have said before, I do not like central AC, as I like to close off rooms that are not being used, and I keep different rooms at different temperatures.
The AC does not obstruct the view out of the window as there is a patio door right next to it, and that is where the view is. This AC cannot be seen from the outside of the house, as it is in a corner of the screen porch, and drips it’s condensation into the plant sink out there. That sink drains underground to water my little red maple tree.

Ray and I were just getting the furniture back in place when Michelle arrived. We had a little time to visit and get a bite of lunch. Then I took her down to Jay’s to see the tortoise, as I had some for food for it. He wanted to go into town with us, but he was 'up' on something and we didn't want to be around him. Plus he stank of beer.

I had to add this, as this the way we feel about Jay. This was in Lynda and Bobs Journal today:
""Today (August 13) is a solemn day for me, my first son Scott’s birthday. He would have been 49 today. He died ten years ago next month from a drug overdose. I suspect his intentions were suicidal, although we’ll never know. When I received the call that I’d been anticipating for a number of years I certainly wasn’t shocked. I had been grieving for quite awhile so much of the hurt was past by that time. He had a hard life that seems to include a bi-polar disorder that resulted in the use of drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. He was a good soul but he would never take responsibility to change his life. I don’t miss his behavior of many years, but I certainly miss what his life could have been.""
Claudia and I know how Bob feels, as Jay's life could have been wonderful. He had a good job with Shell Oil, a cute little wife and kids, and a lovely home, and could have really made something of himself.

Then it was time for me to go back to the doctor’s office, and get another shot in my behind. This was the same shot that hurt me so badly yesterday, but this time it didn’t hardly hurt. I think they just stuck me in the ‘wrong’ spot yesterday.

Afterwards, I took Michelle to her friend’s house in another subdivision. We will have to do this again soon, the visit....., not the shots!

Here is your thought for today:

Time Waits For No One

To realize
The value of a sister
Ask someone who doesn't have one.

To realize
The value of ten years:
Ask a newly divorced couple.

To realize
The value of four years:
Ask a graduate.

To realize
The value of one year:
Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize
The value of one month:
Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize
The value of one week:
Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize
The value of one hour:
Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize
The value of one minute:
Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize
The value of one-second:
Ask a person who has survived an accident.

To realize
The value of one millisecond:
Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have.

You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.

To realize the value of a friend:
Lose one.


As for putting pictures in Live Writer, I kinda have the hang of it, but I think it is mostly for folks who have big pretty scenery on their blogs. I just have pictures of what we have done, and they are not works of art, so I just put them in there so you know, I hope, what I am talking about. You can always click on them to enlarge, but it's not usually needed. In Live Writer I haven't found out how to have text beside, not underneath, the pictures, so I had to go into Blogger and edit this to the way I usually do it.

Anyway, today was a good day.

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Weldon and Sandy said...

Thanks for the nice comments made about my pictures. Live Writer is still new to me and I by accident lurned how to center photo or move to the lift by going to the rool bar where it shows aif=gnment of your writing or photo. I click on the pictue first then click on the tool bar to movbe the photo to the left and the words fell in place. Also I did the same for movong a photo to thr center. No words followed. I'm going to ask Dortha or Speedy to maybe fill me in and when they do I'll pass on. By the way I love what you do to retro the Rvs, Mark told me you where quite a handy person and real good at updating RVs.