Monday, August 17, 2009

New Mirage Pics. Bobcat

Thank y’all for the birthday wishes on Face Book. I don’t feel a year older!

First thing, Ray held Bobcat, tummy up, on my grooming table with all the grooming spot lights on, while I examined her left foot with a magnifying glass. I even cut some of the hair off her foot with my clippers, but it wasn’t until I happened to touch her elbow and under her arm that she flinched. So she goes to the vet in the morning. They will probably X-ray it to see if that old BB in her shoulder has moved.

Bobbie- 002 (Small)-1

Then, we spent a lot of time trying to get the vintage RV stove in the AC box I had, but had to give up. There was no way we could get the top in there, too. I wrote the buyers to see if they wanted to have UPS pack it for them. So that is on hold right now.

Finally, I got some better pictures of the Mirage with the drapes on the front compound curved windows. We spent some time cleaning it here and there so I took some other pictures, and made up a new little album. I sent it to the three people who are interested in it. I have already heard back, favorably, from two of them.

Bobcat’s appetite is still good, but she is obviously hurting. After I get her home from the vet’s office tomorrow, unless they keep her, I have to head out towards Houston for my ENT appointment.

As tomorrow is going to be so busy, I had to ‘do’ WalMart today.

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