Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best Laid Plans.... Laying Lino. Bobcat.

Today, still working on the guest house bathroom. Ray painted the wall that is behind where the shelf units, and the vanity go. We wanted to get that done before we put everything back together. It was easier working today, as we were in the AC. But, just like yesterday, I was going back and forth to the workshop to get this and that, constantly. Ray scraped the floor to make sure it was all free of bits of old lino, and floated the joints in the floor, while I went into the next town to get the linoleum.
I couldn't believe it, the flooring company was closed every Saturday, have you ever heard of such a thing? Two other potential customers were there, too.

I knew no one else had the lino we wanted, and so I had to buy a remnant ($10) from another flooring store, just so we could get the bathroom back together before Shay gets home tomorrow evening. They had some similar to what we want, but they wanted to sell me a whole roll. Phooey on that!

This remnant had to be cut exactly in the middle, to make it work, so we laid it out on one of the outside work tables and carefully did that with a razor knife and a straight edge. We measured and drew a plan with the exact measurements on it, checked it with the old lino, and cut it. We removed the toilet as that is the only way to do it right. After vacuuming very fastidiously, we put the lino in place, cut around the pipes, toilet floor flange, and any little places that weren't quite right. Then pulled the far half of it forward, spread the mastic on the bare floor, laid the first half in place, and rolled it with a little wooden roller. Then we laid the loose half back over the first half, applied mastic to that part of the floor, flipped the lino forward, and it rolled into place. Next was to re-install the toilet with a new wax ring, so that part of the bathroom is functional. As far as I am concerned, that is so much easier than laying all those individual tiles!! Now, we have to lay the rest of the lino tomorrow, put the vanity and shelves back in place before Shay gets here.

Bobbiecat is almost putting her weight on her bad arthritic leg, so that is a good thing. She does put her toes on the floor now when she walks. She isn't hopping around three-legged any more, so the pills must be helping. At first I was able to quickly open her mouth with one hand, and shove the pill down her throat with the thumb of the other, just like you do a dog, but she got wise to that, so I had to resort to using my cat pill popper. I lightly hold her mouth closed, stroke her throat until she licks her lips, so that I know she has swallowed it, just like you do a dog. Until I did that, she had got crafty, held it in her mouth and spat it out when I turned my back!! Golly, you have to watch these clever critters!!

My bones are aching, I wished I had worn my pedometer today.

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