Monday, August 24, 2009

Mailing Aloe. Live Writer. Revolution Day

Ray had to take Shay to the doctor again today, so I knew that I didn't have to get up early, but at 6.00 AM, I was up. Once I am awake, I just want to turn the coffee maker on, and start the day.

I had aloe to mail today. I knew that I had better pick them out and pack them early, out on the porch, as it would be hotter later. I had to cut more litter boxes up, and make triangular shipping tubes out of them, so that took some time.

After the Post Office, I went to Petsmart to get more cat food. Luckily, I had a $10 off coupon!

A quick trip to Krogers for some groceries, and get some gas at 10 cents per gallon off with my Kroger card, so that made it $2.35 gal.

It was also Revolution day, so I drew up .37 cc for each of the six cats here on the premises. I buy the big vial for a 130 lb dog, and draw it up in insulin syringes (without needles) for each cat. We use it for the protection from fleas, mites, and ear mites, mostly. New studies say that it works well for cats, but they have had some breakthroughs with dogs getting heartworms, so they recommend other products for K9s now.

Bobcat is getting wise, and has started hiding under my bed when it is pill time. I wish she would figure out that the pills are what are letting her put her bad leg on the floor, so that she isn't hopping around three legged any more.

I gave up on Live Writer. It is easier for me to put the pictures in here first, and then write. If I was on the road without internet, I would use it.

On a sign down the road, at noon the temperature was 103 deg. today.

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