Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV Musical Chairs. Appendix Useful??

Ray had to go to the doctor, and Jay wanted to work, so I picked him up so that he could wash Pugsy, (my fiberglass vintage 1968 Venture Class A). It had got algae on it from being under the trees.

The big TV went out in the living room a while back. I am hardly ever in there, so a few weeks ago I dug out a little TV that didn't have a remote, and installed it in there, for the few times that Jay is here. We ran it though a VCR, so that at least there was a remote for changing the channels.

The TV in the grooming room makes a very loud, constant "KKKEEE" every time the cable goes out, and it scares the foster cats. So we played TV musical chairs here today. Jay had a 19", without a remote, so I traded him the little one for his bedroom. We put the 19" in my living room, running through the VCR again. We took the tiny one out of my kitchen and put it in the Mirage. Put the one that goes KKKEEE in my kitchen. It isn't on very often.
We tried out another small one I had, and it didn't go KKKEEE, when the cable was disconnected, but the picture would fold up, and go in and out. I found Mime watching it from the grooming table trying to make heads or tails out of that!
I tried the 110v/12v one that belongs in my TranStar RV, and it goes KKKEEE, when the cable is disconnected, so it went back out there. Finally found one that would work in the dog room, and it has a remote.

I have big TVs in my bedroom and computer room. I thought about buying one for the living room, but it isn't that important to me. I have them everywhere else, even in my bathroom, but I don't really need one in the living room. If I have company, we are supposed to be visiting, not watching the tube! So now I have three TVs for the scrap man.

When I picked up Jay, MaeMae came too, so I did some grooming on her while Jay washed Pugsy.

For the first time, I have someone coming to look at the Mirage today.

They are a family of three, so there isn't really anywhere for the son to ride, there are no seatbelts in the back. So I don't expect to hear from them again. But they were impressed with it's condition.

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