Saturday, August 29, 2009

Poor "Pretty". Just Shopping and Unshopping.

It is a bit cooler first thing in the mornings, and the cats like to be out on the screen porch before their breakfasts.

The new little kitty, "Pretty", the Siamese, still has to be kept away from the other cats until she has been checked out. Just to be on the safe side, I even put bleach in the dishes that have been used for her, and I have a separate litter scoop for her box. Feline Leukemia and FIV can be transferred by bodily fluids.
I have put Revolution on her so that she won't have fleas, mites, etc. She only weighs about 6 pounds, full grown, she is so skinny. I also de-wormed her with Strongid-T. Goodness knows what she picked up while roaming the streets looking for food after her people left her to fend for herself. It has taken a toll on her. Poor little Pretty.

Jay needed some diversion today, the day they 'pull the plug' on his father, and wanted to go thrift shopping. GelGloss fiberglass cleaner/polish was on my shopping list, and the cheapest place around here, is at the glass company, $4.00! So we headed for the next town.

We went to about three thrift shops. Jay bought a couple of shirts, and some big platters that his tortoise could bathe in. I actually found a new Emerson Switchboard, a new Kitchenaid saucepan, and a new smaller one by Bella Cuisine. I bought some matching little pink dishes for Pretty, the other cats have white ones, so I won't get them mixed up. We got several other handy little items, too.

I still had shellac and insulation that I had bought for the Coronado, so I returned them. While we were at Lowes, we spotted a linoleum remnant, that would be just great for the guest house, so I bought it. It is white with faint blue speckles, and so if there does have to be a seam, there won't be any waste from pattern matching. That is always a nuisance when doing wallpaper, too.

Just a quiet shopping day.

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