Sunday, August 16, 2009

Live Writer Pictures. Sinus Rinse

I didn’t post last night, as I had been busy all day doing housework things, and went to bed early. Also, I hadn’t slept well the night before, due to this darned sinus thing I have.

neilmed-sinus-rinseMy daughter told me about NeilMed Sinus Rinse, and I just wasn’t up to driving into the next town, and back, (24 miles) to get it. Then I found out how to make your own, with un-iodized salt and baking soda, so I did that. It didn’t work as it was supposed to on me, as I think I have a cartilage in the way or something. I’ll find out when I go to ENT on Tuesday.

I am doing this post to try out something that Weldon and Sandy told me about the pictures:

“Thanks for the nice comments made about my pictures. Live Writer is still new to me and I by accident learned how to center photo or move to the lift by going to the tool bar where it shows alignment of your writing or photo. I click on the picture first then click on the tool bar to move the the photo to the left and the words fell in place. Also I did the same for moving a photo to the center. No words followed.”

They have some really lovely pictures on their blog.

I will try to come up with something more interesting today.

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